Wednesday, October 25, 2006

24 Season 6: The Teaser

For those of you who haven’t seen, or heard, the news yet... the official teaser trailer for 24’s sixth season is out and you can watch it now at!

Please note - the rest of this post will contain spoilers from the teaser. Do not read on unless you don’t want to watch the teaser.

Seasoned Greetings
Oh boy, what a gem! First off, before we even see any action from the teaser, we get a nice and heartwarming thank you message from Kiefer Sutherland – "We wanted to take a moment to thank all the fans from across the globe for their continued support." Let me re-word that sentence for you... "We wanted to thank the voters who finally felt pity on us and gave us the Emmys we’ve always thought we deserved. Your check is in the mail."

So THAT’S Where Jack Has Been
The last time we saw Jack, he was beginning to take the beating of his life at the hands of the Chinese (about damn time Jack paid for his sins – killing off most everyone he loves isn’t good enough). For all we know, he would die in those hands, too. WAIT!!! WE WERE WRONG!!! He’s back! And has taken a page out of Grizzly Adams’ book, and by the way, the hippie look is on the way out.

Does anyone see a problem here? The Chinese were PISSED off. So upset that they somehow snuck into a heavily guarded airport and kidnapped Jack not 20 feet away from hundreds of people. And straight out of the pages of a James Bond movie, if you’ve got the ONE PERSON that can destroy anything on God’s green earth, just kill him. Problem solved.

Nah. They’ll probably trade him for nukes or iPods.

Season Six: The Sacrificial Chamber
I don’t think the writers/editors/anyone that works for 24, could beat it over our heads any more than they did. Jack has to sacrifice himself to make things okay with the world again. Spoiler alert!!! This is just a cheap ploy. He really won’t die. They’ve already confirmed season 7 and 8, so why would they kill off Jack now? Unless those seasons are prequels!

But really, I think the best thing the show could do would be to kill Jack Bauer. Talk about causing mass hysteria! What show would people watch to get their fill of weekly bullshit?

Guess Who’s Back
Yawn. It’s the same cast of characters. We’ve got President Palmer II, Miles (it’s really not Miles, but his clone, Peter MacNichol), Chloe (and her scowl), Curtis, Bill and Karen. Hopefully Kim will make another appearance, so we can laugh some, and how cool would it be if all of Jack’s loved one’s ghosts came back as cameos? I’m down.

Teasers = Good
The art of making a good teaser is tough to learn. Luckily it’s been perfected the past two seasons for 24. Again, this teaser is very well done – it has explosions, turmoil, Jack yelling "put down your weapon," you know, all the stuff you need in a good 24 teaser. Sadly, for us, the goodness ends there. Everything you saw in the teaser will play out in the first 6 episodes and then we’ll be stuck in a big world of hurt as everyone on the 24 staff tries to prove that they’re still worthy of television’s highest honors. Which, honestly, isn’t the case.

What did you think of the teaser?