Thursday, November 09, 2006

24 Season 6: The First Dysfunctional Family is Back

The latest news from reports (WARNING: Spoiler Alert):

The midterm elections are over, but the political drama is heating up on Fox’s "24" with Emmy nominees Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin set to recur in 2006’s most Emmy Award-winning television series.

Oh joy. As much as I loathed both Itzin and Smart’s roles (and acting) last season, I suppose it’s a good thing that both Emmy-nominated actors were brought back into the fold. Were they justified in their nominations? Maybe not. Could they win after five straight seasons of being nominated? Ask Kiefer.

But what capacity could they possibly be brought back in? The last time we saw President Logan, he was being carted off for conspiring against his nation. And the first lady, well, she set him up and was probably seen running off into the sunset with Aaron Pierce, the head of security.

In real life, a former president who conspired against a nation would probably be assassinated somehow. His wife, who was a known pill-popper, would be socially exiled, only to re-appear on reality tv.

But they were popular characters, eh? I mean, when was the last time you saw some 50-somethings getting ready to do the deed on national television? That = classy. Hopefully we get more of that, because 50-something sex is big time ratings and Emmy material.