Thursday, July 28, 2005

24 Season 5: the latest...

Potential spoiler alert!!!

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First off, I have no idea how Bakersfield, California will fit into anything, I am being brutally honest about that. It makes absolutely no sense with the information I have. The casting notice for Craig Huxley is adamant about him living in Bakersfield but I truthfully have nothing to corroborate that. My information begins somewhere overseas, the information doesn't specify a country. We begin with Jack at an airport where he is waiting for somebody to land. Hmm... Who could it be ? The airplane he's been waiting for lands and his contact exits the plane. This contact is Jack's only connection to his past and it's one of the only people he can trust. The contact is Chloe O'Brian. I guess Chloe sneaks out of Los Angeles every once in awhile and covertly meets with Jack to give him updates on Kim and other people from his past. She takes every precaution possible because she knows what the consequences will be. So Chloe meets up with Jack and they talk for awhile about Chase and Kim and Chase's daughter. (I also heard something about surveillance photos) Anyways, they finish up and Chloe has to hurry and get back on a plane to L.A. Jack thanks her for doing what she's doing and they part ways.

Jack walks through the airport and he starts to head back to his apartment. Jack's plans of laying low and avoiding the spotlight come to a screeching halt when he spots an international terrorist. Jack knows that the terrorist is a bomb-maker and he knows that something big must be going down. So Jack follows the guy and right about here is where the information I have dies off. The terrorist is in the process of carrying out an attack and I've heard that the target is either the airport or a nearby Embassy. Jack makes his move and captures the man and begins to question him. I don't know what the two say to each other and I don't if Jack will be able to stop the terrorist attack in time. Surveillance footage of the bomber would be analyzed and it's likely that the tapes are reviewed by the intelligence community and this is how the U.S. Government learns that Jack is still alive.

Chloe, incognito???
Please. Easily the most annoying character on the show and no one notices her taking these sneaky trips to see Jack? You know she's gonna say something derrogatory or demeaning to someone during the trip.

Jack is still in the country... living in an apartment...
How about you leave the damn country, fool? Being out of the country is much safer for you and the government than staying there. How about some remote island? And why the freak is he walking around in an Airport? With the way security is today, that's the last place I'd go if I were in hiding.

Please don't bring Kim back!
We've had a nice season of rest from her, there's no reason to bring her back into the loop. But, if you do, kill her.

Jack spots an international terrorist...
Then quickly follows and captures him... and then what? Yup! You guessed it! He captures him and probably tortures him. Riiiiight where we left off from last season, more tortures. Classy TV.

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