Friday, May 18, 2007

Predict the Final Two Hours of 24 Season Six

TWO MORE HOURS!!! Yes, that's right. We've hung in there all season long and have been poking holes in it the entire time (well, most of us, that is). And we're finally at the apex of it all. What could possibly happen now? The Executive Producer promises something crazy, but I would advise you to remain calm. Nothing they do on Monday night will fix the crap that was this season.

Last week I posted a list of things that they have yet to tie up -- we know how much the writers like to put bows on things. This week, let's really try and figure out what will happen to the main plots still left. I'll start us off:

  • Brother Palmer's injury
    He regains consciousness in time to help talk the Russian President off the ledge.
  • Sister Palmer and her wanna-be terrorist boyfriend
    I think we've seen the last of these two, thank God.
  • Karen and Bill's marriage
    Stronger than ever since Karen will coerce Bill to go help Jack behind someone's back.
  • The Nadia/Silver Spoon love angle (since Milo is dead)
    They'll try to make us think that they're the next Tony/Michelle. We'll all vomit in our mouths.
  • The Chloe/Morris love angle
    This looks like it could be a potential major plot line as Chloe looked hurt in the previews. My guess, she dies.
  • The Jack/Marilyn love angle
    Jack will leave her high and dry, even though Josh is his bastard son.
  • Audrey becoming sane
    Not entirely. She'll snap out of her hysterics to give the US a key piece of information about how the Russians and Chinese are secretly working together to fight the US.
  • Heller giving in to Jack's desire to be with his psycho daughter
    I could really care less.
  • Daddy Bauer's ultra-patriotism
    Turns out he hates America, who knew!?!
  • What the hell ever happened in Denver?
    This could be a bad un-tied loose end. I do, however, think it'll creep back in during the last hour.
  • Poor Man Rob Lowe's testimony
    He's done.
  • Invasion Chick's Hornball boyfriend
    He's done, too.
  • Evil Veep's nasty sexual story line
    Won't check into re-hab, too busy trying to spin more lies to the Russians.
  • Fish's allegiance to who?
    Secretly hopes that Brother Palmer wakes up soon -- can't stand Evil Veep's attempts at seducing the newly appointed interns.
  • Chang and the component
    Game over for Chang. Too bad Jack doesn't get to pull the trigger.
  • CTU being held hostage
    A metal plate will be installed over the sewer hole and things will be called good.
  • The Russians starting WWIII
    It's obvious that something else is going on here aside from going to war over a piece of circuitry. Such an elaborate plot to declare war on the US.
  • What ever happened to Logan?
    No funeral. No news coverage. Nothing.
  • Jack's acid-washed hands
    Becomes depressed that back-up plan as a hand model is over.
  • Jack's propensity to eat flesh rather than real food over the past 21 hours
    Pleads with everyone to start calling him Zombie-Jack, starts a cult in Texas.

What do you think will happen?


JBauer2977 said...

What do I think will happen? Tony Almeida will come back and kill everybody at CTU for being part of such a lackluster season.

Chris said...

haha to the comment above.

I love this hype for this finale - it's almost exactly the same as last year so far. Jack hijacks a helicopter and must now save the day before an aerial attack on something at sea. Not to mention Buchanan helping out after he was fired. And, oh my god, the bad guys disabled the tracker! Who would have seen that one coming? Oh wait, anyone who has watched the last 3 seasons would have known that. God I hope Chloe dies.