Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Notes from 24-land

While catching up on some blogs, I thought I would post some of the random 24-related news from the heres and theres.

Jon Cassar has a "blog"
Yes, it's true. One of 24's Executive Producers, and lead directors, has his own blog. I see it more as a propaganda piece for 24, since it needs all the good ju-ju that it can get, but still, he spouts some interesting stuff on there from time to time. Aside from the casting news he's listed on there, he also talks about how filming is getting close to wrapping for the season's two-hour premiere on Sunday, January 13 – of course it's supposed to be good and all of the actors are supposed to be awesome (I would've loved to read his blog during last season, just to see how what he says would compare to the drivel they gave us).

What I really loved, however, was this little snippet he has on the site:

It's Emmy day, but alas no 24 nominations on the big night except for Kiefers. It's the first time in 6 years I won't be going to the show. I will however be visiting a couple of after parties. We did win an award last weekend at the creative awards, for sound editing, which kept us from being shut out. The show has won at least one emmy for every year it has aired. And we are still the only Drama for Fox network in their history, that was won emmys for "Best Drama", "Best Actor" and "Best Director". And only one of 3 shows (X-Files and House) that have won for "Best Writing".

So he didn't attend the Emmys, because, to me, it sounds like he KNEW that Kiefer wasn't going to win. And like I mentioned the other day, when you win an Emmy, you gotta hang your hat on something – even if it's the Emmy for best sound editing in a series. Keep your eye on his blog for more news. Too bad there's not an RSS feed. I guess he didn't want to be TOO 21st century.

24 named one of Time's Best 100 TV Shows
This one I was so-so on, but when Time even rips season six while saying what a great concept 24 is, you gotta respect that. Check out the beautiful first line:

I was hesitant to include this show after its sixth—and admittedly terrible—season.

Major cast additions/announcements today
The ladies over at 24fan are reporting that Fox will make some major cast additions (and returns) today. As you can see, some are already speculating that Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) will be coming back to the show. As you can see on IMDB, on Carlos' profile AND on the Season 7 page, this hasn't been confirmed yet.

If he does come back, however, 24 will have definitely gone off the deep end in trying to return to power. I say leave Tony off and figure out a way to bring back the good President Palmer. I wouldn't even care how they explained that one.


Jonk said...

According to TV Guide:

I will go out of my way not to blurt this out, lest someone castigate me for spoiling. But when Fox's 24 launches Season 7 on Jan. 13 and 14 with a two-night premiere, a familiar (though unexpected) face will put in an appearance. "With CTU dismantled, the show's setting moves to Washington, D.C., where Jack Bauer faces trial for his actions in the pursuit of justice," reads the Fox press release. "Bauer's day gets off to a shocking start when former colleague Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard), last seen in Day 5, returns after being left for dead by a terrorist conspirator in CTU's infirmary."

Say wha?! "Tony's uncertain fate... left the door open for his return," explains exec producer Howard Gordon. "And since there was no silent clock at the conclusion of his last appearance — the 24 tribute to a major character's demise — we always kept this as a possibility." Indeed, it was widely rumored (and, I believe, perhaps even filmed) that Tony was to resurface in the final seconds of last season.

Jonk said...

What is happening here is that the producers now regret killing off certain characters, and they are trying to bring back one of them as a way of appeasing the fans after an awful season.

They decided that it would be great to start Day 5 with a bang and killed off three popular characters. That pissed off the fans. A lot. Day 6 was a giant mess that was not well received by the critics or the fans. Day 7 is off to a bad start -- they have publicly announced shooting delays as a result of restarting the writing process three times.

So, now they are looking for a gimic that will appease the fans and make up for the disasterous start to the new season. Instead of focusing on writting a great season and coming up with something a bit different, they have decided to up the ante of suckage and bring a character back from the dead.

Seriously, does any one honestly think that Chloe or Bill would have forgotten to tell Jack that Tony was alive after Jack got back from China? It was bad enough when they tried to pull the Audrey was reported dead but we didn't want to tell you because 1) you were going to die any way 2) we didn't want to distract you when you, in fact, didn't die. Now they have to figure a way of explaining to Jack that they didn't tell him that Audrey was dead and Tony was alive.

Worst yet, they are going to surprise Chloe with Tony being alive. So, Tony woke up in a morgue that was not at CTU (even though it has now been established that CTU has its own morgue) and, if past speculation is still accurate, was recruited by a secret government organization that convinced him to let everyone think that he was dead so he could do something related to saving the country from terrorism.

I think the writers are desperate enough that they have started reading fan fiction. Unfortunately, they are reading the crappy fan fiction.

Seth Gunderson said...

Jonk... that was hilarious! I think I'll have to turn that into its own post.

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