Friday, October 26, 2007

24 Season 7: The Trailer

Ready for 24's Season 7 trailer? Either go to, or watch below:

Just like the trailer for Season 6, I think this effort is great. However, I'm VERY skeptical about how it will turn out. Those who make trailers don't get paid mega-bucks for nothing. They're marketers. That said, what sticks out from so far?

Tony's a New Man
Left for dead, Tony has a new haircut and some type of vendetta. Positioning Tony as the baddie for this season will definitely get people talking ... talking instead of asking, wtf. Yes, he was zipped up in a body bag. But, at the same time, Jack has died twice and HE'S still around. Sigh. Don't worry. Either Tony will die mid-way through the season, for good... or will become good again. Either way, he's reporting to someone.

CTU is Gone
Thank God. Unfortunately, Chloe and Bill aren't. Yes, you saw a glimpse of them with their bluetooth headsets on. Maybe they work for Dell now, selling computers to the Government. Big computers. Computers that house the CIP Firewall – the latest and greatest made up technojargon on 24. Good to see that we can still be fed lameness.

Jack Don't Care
Hell no Jack doesn't regret the decisions he's made. He's just fine with losing his wife. Estranging his daughter. Pushing his most recent girlfriends to the brink of insanity. Torturing many, killing even more. Dude... really. He doesn't regret any of it. Eeeeexcept maybe that DUI he recently was arrested for and is going to jail because of. THAT, maybe, he regrets.

New City
Same song, new notes. Boring.

What were your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Tony is the bad guy? This actually makes sense. Why?
Because Zombies are EVIL.
This could be one of the best seasons of 24 if it turns that Tony is actually a flesh-eating zombie.
Either way I can't wait for the season to start so I can read your blog again which turned out to be the only bright spot of season 6.

Seth Gunderson said...

Genius! Why didn't I put two and two together?

John Nelson said...

I really liked the trailer. And I'm glad they're moving to DC...should put a nice political red tape more in focus for Jack's actions. I'm also glad CTU is was nice to see a government office where they turned the lights on and didn't look like a dungeon. Plot, not so sure, but it they haven't had a great plot in a while. At least it's a change.

bryan h. said...

An old colleague Jack presumed to be dead is the villain this season? They haven't used that one since season 3, so I guess it's like having a new plot.

It's also new and totally different, I guess, because Jack isn't working with CTU to prevent a terrorist attack; he's working with the FBI. So that's another big change.

The villains impersonating an air traffic control tower and maybe causing plans to crash or collide? That makes sense because it's something that happens in Die Hard 2, and I believe an episode of season 6 managed to compress most of the first Die Hard into 45 minutes.

I don't meant to sound sarcastic, though I know I do, because I really want to sincerely enjoy 24 again. For the first 4 years I enjoyed the hell out of the show. But this new direction for Jack just flies in the face of what I used to love about the show.

I sure hope whoever Kurtwood Smith (or, Clarence Boddiker from RoboCop) is playing has a harsh rejoinder to Jack's I-don't-regret-anything bullshit. As Seth pointed out, what made Jack compelling for so long was the conflict between his very real regrets and his continuing commitment to a job and a code that only caused more of them. I'm not saying that character can't develop and change, but it looks from the last couple seasons like the show has bought into this Jack Bauer-as-Chuck-Norris-superhero business. It might make for clever email forwards, but it's shitty television.

Ivan said...

Noticed the Die Hard 2 thing. But It's really Die Hard 4 they're ripping off. A firewall that protects everything important in America? Oh com on! I've seen it like six months ago.

Bryan H., which season six episode are you reffering to that ripped Die Hard?

bryan h. said...

Wasn't there an episode in season 6 where terrorists take over CTU, and Jack gets into an air duct after stopping the fan with his machine gun? I feel like I remember that episode having more-than superficial resemblance to Die Hard, but maybe it was season 5.

I believe the season 7 ad promises a mole in some agency, again, too.

Anonymous said...

I did find Tony's new look a little corny, but yar. Commented on his newfound life in another post.

The Jack Don't Care paragraph is nonsense. He's presumably defending his decisions to torture to save lives. Not his decisions to get into this business or fake his own death or anything. If you're going to such a stretch to find fault with the show...

bryan h. said...

it's not really a stretch; it used to be the theme of the show. why do you think jack's crying in his car at the end of season three? joy? because he's so satisfied with his job performance?

Jonk said...

I have a story idea to freshen up 24... or attempt to give it a fresh spin, anyway... a season about a homegrown military corps, a la Blackwater, engaging in a coup of the U.S. government.

They would need to be funded somehow, so while I'm not keen on the idea of "wealthy businessmen" doing so since we've seen sinister businessmen on 24 in the past, that's probably what it would need to be. Perhaps "Business Plot"-esque in that regard.

No "terrorists" from unnamed Middle East countries, or Germany, or Mexico. And no rogue nuclear weapons! Crazy!

Bill Maher interviewed a guy on his show Friday night who wrote a book about Blackwater. Some crazy stuff he had to say about them. His book:

Jonk said...

It would also provide the opportunity to do something that they should've explored when the nuclear bomb went off early last season: follow around some people in the general public, show the chaos they endure, what happens to them?

That was lacking from last season. In fact, they showed people doing everyday stuff as if nothing was going on. This was a 9/11 type event, a whole segment of SoCal vaporized, but nobody gave a shit.

So, if a Blackwater-esque group launched a coup d'etat, what would the reaction be? Would they fight? Would they go along with the new order?

Robert said...

@Jonk "a whole segment of SoCal vaporized, but nobody gave a shit"

24's first foray into reality TV?

smith said...

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Anonymous said...

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