Wednesday, February 13, 2008

24 Season 7: Good News and Bad News

So as you all may be aware, the Writers Strike has finally ended and Kiefer is outta jail. That means that the show will be back soon, right?


All signs point to 24 returning in 2009, NOT 2008. Which is good news, in my opinion, since they went back to the drawing board a few times already.

In other news, 24 co-creator Joel Surnow has left the show to pursue other projects.

What say you, community? Which of this is good news and which is bad news?


Martin Weiss said...

Joel leaving sounds a bit like the captain leaving the sinking ship, doesn't it?

Jonk said...

I thought perhaps the silver lining of delaying S7 until 2009 would be that the writers and producers would have plenty of extra time to plan out the season in advance. This will not be the case:

Fox's "24" is among the shows expected to go back to production first. Despite the fact that the real-time drama won't air new episodes this season, it will ramp up production quickly to avoid losing some of the actors needed for the entire 24-episode arc whose options will be up soon.
-- Hollywood Reporter

So though it will not begin airing until next January, production will be underway again -- and rushed -- this spring.

Jonk said...

One of the ideas supposedly considered was to air season 7 exclusively in the fall. The argument in recent years against 24 airing before January is that the baseball playoffs wreak havoc with Fox's schedule in October. This is only the case, however, on select nights. The Tuesday night schedule, for example, is left largely intact since baseball has off days and travel days.

If 24 were to move back to its original Tuesday night home in the fall, I think this could have worked out decently. It could benefit from a strong lead-in via House, there would be only one week interrupted by baseball. There would be no Monday night rating competition from Monday Night Football, Heroes, and CBS's comedy slate.

The schedule could be something like:

9/1 (Monday) - episodes 1 and 2 (the NFL schedule begins the following week, so no Monday Night Football yet)
9/2 - 3 and 4
9/9 - 5
9/16 - 6
9/23 - 7 and 8
9/30 - 9
10/7 - 10
10/14 - 11 and 12
10/21 - (off due to baseball playoff)
10/28 - 13 and 14
11/4 - 15
11/11 - 16
11/18 - 17 and 18
11/25 - 19
12/2 - 20
12/9 - 21 and 22
12/16 - 23 and 24

Assuming there would be a season 8, it could air in the fall of 2009 in a similar manner.

Anonymous said...

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Ivan said...

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