Saturday, May 17, 2008

24 Season 7: No F'ing Way

Shoosh. There really hasn't been much to report on 24 since the good ol' writers strike came and went. But something surfaced the other day and we really need to discuss.

According to TV Guide:
Not that 24 fans needed to be made more excited/impatient for the long-delayed Season 7, Kiefer Sutherland at Fox's upfront presentation promised truly super-Bauered times ahead — and in a way, you have the WGA-AMPTP feud to thank for it. "After so many postponements, I can assure you that none of us at 24 took for granted the significance of this upcoming season," the series star-producer said. "But the time allowed us to do something that has never been done before — create a map of the entire season before we started shooting. So I can tell you without hesitation, I know for a fact, that Season 7 is going to be the best season yet."

WHAT!?!?!! The WHOLE season is planned/mapped out? What a novel idea -- thinking about an entire season before you even film minute one. And we have the Writers Guild Strike to thank for it? If it produces better story-lines and things that aren't made up, then I'm all for it.

If this season pans out to be actually good, then I bet FOX will start to plan more of these "strikes" so they can get their shit in order.

Here's to hoping, but being a realist.


Ivan said...

wow.. a mapped out season... Funny how the Lost writers are able to map out the whole show even without a strike

bryan h. said...

No kidding, you mean to say that knowing where your story is going before you start telling it might be a better practice than making it up as you go? They're totally going to win a Peabody Award or maybe even Nobel Prize for that insight.

Kidding aside, though, I'm glad the 24 people were smart enough to use the extra time to their advantage. I really want to like that show again.

Jonk said...

Of course, when they first started filming this 7th season last summer, they had no idea where they were going to go with it. As I recall, they got about 7 or 8 episodes finished before the strike started.

So, I guess the first third of the season will not have the endgame in mind, but sometime around mid-February it should kick in.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

lol great blog

Jonk said...

News last week:
Jon Voight the actor (not to be confused with Jon Voight the periodontist) will be joining 24 this upcoming season, evidently as a bad guy.

It seems he will first appear in the TV movie, scheduled for November, and then resurface mid-season.

Chris Fullam said...

I can imagine Season 1 was mapped out as well - which is why the 1st season on these shows are usually the best. Let's hope it's even slightly as good.

Jonk said...

I'm pretty sure only the first half of season 1 was mapped out, as the initial episode order (like many news shows) was just 13 episodes.

If you go back to that first season, you'll notice that Jack's family is rescued at 1 PM (i.e. after 13 episodes) while at the same time the second Drazen brother is revealed to the audience when CTU suddently gets a lead -- setting in motion what goes down the rest of the day.

Thus, the first instance of the 24 writers just making stuff up as they go along to fill time is probably when evening rolls around and Teri gets amnesia for a few hours.

D. said...

bro, i agree with you, this show has defintely went downhill....but seriously, youve wasted soooo much time of your life watching and writing about a show that you very much dislike. Either you are seriously hating on FOX, or you just like feeling miserable.
You need some help my friend.

Anonymous said...

fox is having a two hour special in november. i don't know if thats the true start to season seven though.Although i heard rumors that the real season doesn't start until january but i want to watch 24 free season 7. i think tony is somehow alive too.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. Season 7 has turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed seasons of 24.
Maybe you better stick to shows that you can understand, like Dancing With The Stars. That's more your mentality.

Anonymous said...

24 was enjoyable before the left wing actors (actresses) spoiled the show with their comments at the end. When will actors filally get that we dont care what they think. We simply want to be entertained

Anonymous said...

I will not watch this show because of the jerks who think they are stars and spoil the show with the comments at the end

Anonymous said...

Retarded site of a retarded fat ass geek without a life. Seriously, 24 season 7 is amazing, no one gives a pigs crap what you think, and seriously, blind hate is well...blinding. A show for the intellectual, not no lives like you, a complete failure and waste of space in this earth

Anon Emouse said...

24 is a good show but it becomes boring because not much happens from one show to the next and there's alot of cheap sitting-around dialog. Have to record it, too boring real-time otherwise. Thanks for the blog and shame on the inconsiderate idiots trying to silence free speech and criticizing this blog and author in a rude manner. Amazing how many people hatefully falsely accuse others of "hate".

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