Saturday, April 30, 2005

The following took place over the last two weeks...

First off, I'd like to give a big shout out to Jefferson City! You just got mentioned on 24! That's BIG TIME! Chamber of Commerce members, you should call an emergency meeting! I just bet you can capitalize off of this somehow... think "The 24 tour of Jeff City!" Hell, I'd go, even if it was the only thing Iowa had to offer. WAIT A SECOND!!! You mean, there isn't a Jefferson City in Iowa!?! Does this "Los Angeles" place exist, too?

This is why Vice Presidents suck:

  1. Worst story line yet.
  2. Arrest Jack Bauer?
  3. Just bring Palmer back, we don't need an excuse.

Missle Command:

  • Time-foreshadowing... it'll take an hour to account for all of them? Welcome to what this episode is about.
  • So these guys blow up the truck that had the nuke on it... Wouldn't... that... blow... up... the... nuke... too? Nope! Now CTU knows there's a convoy missing and they're going to stop looking for Marwan. If they can track a black SUV on non-highway roads and gun-fire in the looted streets of LA... why couldn't they track convoys with Nuclear Warheads on them? Ooooh, because there are mountains in between Illinois and Iowa, duh. Then why aren't these convoys HEAVILY guarded? One truckful of redneck terrorists couldn't ambush an entire convoy. And most importantly, if this was one of the nukes that was being transported to be disarmed, WHY NOT JUST DISARM THE DAMN THING WHEREVER YOU ARE!?!

A Super Cell (phone) is Forming:

  • Again with the amazing helicopter noise-reduction cockpits and/or cell-phones. Engadget or Gizmodo haven't let us common-folk know where to get those, yet.
  • Since when is a club not loud and a cell phone's reception is perfect?

Cut Up That Credit Card:

  • "A terrorist just used a credit card at a gas station." "Maybe it was a decoy." "It wouldn't be much of a decoy because we don't know where he is or which direction he's traveling in." [Insert edited material] "Wait... didn't you just say he used a credit card at a gas station?" "Yeah, so?" "Do we know which gas station?" "Yeah, so?" "Hmmm. Good point, keep on the lookout across the entire United States. We'll nail this bastard."
  • "I used that credit card you gave me." "I told you to get rid of that credit card." Silly Marwan, you've planned this day for so long, it's a shame it's not going to work out for you. Question, if you didn't want him to use that credit card, why did you give it to him? And we know why he didn't get rid of it... it was a Capital One No Hassle card!

Let's Do the Time Warp Dance:

  • No f'ing way... first off, an attorney was contacted (at 12:30 am), he got all awake, cleaned up, dressed, got a court order, and made it to CTU before they could interrogate this guy? Good thing Jack realized that. This is CTU, people! They work against terrorists! I'd say that they have authority here.
  • It took Chloe five minutes to get to that lady's house, yet back up is ten minutes away? More importantly, CTU is only five!


  • Congrats Defense Secretary Heller, the worst-acting award now goes to the Vice President.
  • "I'm innocent. I have nothing to hide." Who says that???
  • Richards has the worst job, ever. All he does it give people shots. Though, he's had a lot of work to do this season.
  • "With all due respect, sir..." Jack has said this line at least 200 times this season.
  • Why does Audrey have a problem with Jack's interrogation now and not when Jack was questioning Paul?
  • Someone gets suspicious and they get a phone call through to CTU that easy? Riiiiight. The week after September 11, the office manager at the place I worked got four phone calls about what they thought was suspicious activity (as in helicopters landing at an airport). CTU would be getting thousands of calls. Speaking of paranoia, would people really be clubbing on a day where there's been a terrorist attack and the president has been shot down out of the sky?
  • Why 24 didn't suck this week... the whole club sequence!
  • Product placement alert: Alienware laptop! But, don't use them... you'd be a terrorist if you did.
  • The rest of the files on this guys computer are locked... damn... WAIT! In an earlier episode, Edgar told Jack how to unlock files... just get Edgar on the phone... then you won't have to make the WORST ENDING OF AN EPISODE EVER – Chloe shooting a gun. Now THAT'S tough.

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wendy said...

Hillarious, Seth. And oh so true. At least our eyeballs are getting a work-out with all the rolling around they've been doing. I can't believe this is the same show we LOVED a few years ago. C'mon, people! It's too late to bow out gracefully at this point. Just quit.