Monday, May 30, 2005

T-Minus Three Hours

Last time we left the small village of 24, a missile had just been launched and Marwan was finally in custody. Where did everyone go radically wrong this week? How lame was this episode?

Missile Command
The missile has been launched. I repeat, the missile has been launched. But it's not a regular missile. No, no. It's a stealth missile. No one can find it. It's just flying around. Invisible. Uh-huh. Doesn't it have a heat registry from the fuel its using? CTU knows where it was launched from, so I'm thinking you could scan that area for a heat signature somewhere. You've tried everything, you've even been running MILITARY PROTOCOL, and still can't find it? Is it time to re-think CTU's involvement here? And Marwan, why in the hell would you launch a missile that would take forever to hit? That's almost as bad as keeping the person you're trying to kill around just a bit longer so that you can divulge your master plan. JUST BLOW SOME SHIT UP ALREADY. Be done with it.

What The Heller

  • Good Lord, why must the entire Heller family be brought back into the fold? I thought after Paul died, we'd see less of them. Guess not. On a good note, Audrey seems to be doing much better just two hours after Paul died. She's got a job to do.
  • Can we get through one episode without the threat of having to torture someone in an interrogation? Oh yeah, good idea... let's have Audrey do the questioning. Wait one second... That would NEVER EVER EVER happen. What's this? CTU is only now using a machine that monitors heart rate to tell if someone is lying or not? Why in the hell didn't you use this earlier in the season? You know, instead of using that high-pitched torture crap! (Future writers of 24, please be consistent and constantly check continuity.)
  • Bad plot twist: Heller's son is gay? THAT's what he was hiding. Just freaking tell them that. And when Heller told his son, "you should've told us everything," just how far does he need to go? Anyone else having a "Goonies" flash back? And how does him being gay help you solve the terrorist problem? That's just silly.

How Many CTU Agents Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?
This season's biggest WTF: Why was there only five guys there to take Marwan into custody? There were six to steal that chinese dude, there were about 44 to get Marwan when he was in the club and at the end of the episode, there were at least 10 men besides the CTU contingency. This time, they had Marwan pinpointed to a specific location, yet only send five people to get him. It's no wonder Marwan escaped. AGAIN. How many times can CTU be this incompetent and still have government funding, not to mention the same personnel? Luckily, they brought three vehicles so they could get back to CTU.

This Land Is Your Land
Once again, this whole VP story is absurd. A power struggle on this kind of day, at this time in the show, is ridiculous. The whole way that this supposed government handles days like this is asinine. Six people at CTU won't be counted on to stop everything and three people in the white house won't either.

Bet You Didn't See THAT Coming
In a show that continually gives the audience all the tools necessary to guess what's going to happen next, why can't we actually fool some people or give them worthwhile plot twists? Michelle agrees to quit her job (yes, the only thing she knows and has done for the past 12 years) to move on with Tony. Then, Curtis HAS to stay at CTU this time, even though he's been on every other field op in the day. Hmmmm, I wonder what's going to happen.


  • Again with the kick ass noise-blocking cell phones. Case in point, Jack had to put on the headset to talk to the guy sitting right next to him. Why? If he can talk clear as day on a cell phone, then there's no need for the headsets. To complicate things further, when Jack calls Curtis, why is he yelling? Maybe the helicopter gets louder as it moves closer to the ground.
  • YES! Mandy, the sexy assassin is back! This is a nice nod for fan-boys from the writers.
  • Almost as bad as the overused "with all due respect" line, Jack's entering of a room and doing the two finger pointing thing from his eyes is just awful.


Nelson said...

To be fair, the writers DID handle the "no heat signal from the missle" thing by saying it was flying too low to the ground. This low-flying trajectory created a muddled-with-earth-heat effect that made the missle harder to spot via heat sensory.

And I TOTALLY disagree with the two-finger eye pointing...I'm a big fan of it. In fact, I'm just WAITING for the day I can use that in real-life!

Also, a straight up DITTO on the hot assassin chica. Mighty fine casting.

seth said...

Yeah, they "cleared" up the whole missile thing alright. And I almost mentioned it in my most recent post. I don't think that should've been something they waited to clear up until the next episode. And 600 mph seems a little too slow to me. But I've never shot, or tracked, a missile before.