Monday, May 09, 2005

This IS A Marathon

CTU Remodeled?
Over the past few seasons, whenever someone was critically injured they were taken to hospitals for treatment. CTU must've gotten sick of that because over the past two years (from season three to season four) they've added their own full-fledged medical unit. This thing is basically a functioning emergency room. It also has two to three beds for patients to stay in for observation.

I'd say that this was a waste of time to do that, but they've gotten quite a bit of use out of it this season. First with Driscoll's looney daughter, then with Paul and now the chinese guy. I bet anything that they also have a day care, deli and dry cleaner on location. If not, be looking for it soon all you CTUers.

Closer Screening Needed
At an agency such as CTU, which I would think is similar to the FBI and the CIA in terms of type of people they hire, wouldn't personalities like Chloe's get nixed from the start? Not only is she Captain Obvious (which is actually one of the funnier parts of the show), she's just a straight out nosey, bitchy idiot. Granted, she's good at her job and can shoot a gun (bonus), but I doubt that she'd even get a call-back at the Counter Terrorism Unit.

Like a Glove
One of 24's biggest issues this year is the fact that everything is either foreshadowed or is completely obvious that whatever happens will factor into the plot somehow. It's good writing in terms of making stories complex, but let's make it all a little less obvious. Here are some examples from this week:

  • We leave last week while Audrey was FREAKING OUT (bless that freak's heart, Paul just died). This week, only five minutes later, she's pretty coherent. Sad and upset, sure, but coherent. And just when you think, "Driscoll left when her daughter died, Audrey will probably go home, too." No, she doesn't. Why not? Because only family members of those who commit suicide can go home? No, because the writers thought that making Audrey cover for Jack would be a neat thing to do. Here's a better idea, let her go home and have her called back in without knowing what's going on. She'd be freaked out still and probably incoherent.
  • The Chief of Security, Chang, sees the name Edgar Styles on the hours report (who in the hell is keeping track of time on a day like this ... and wouldn't each entry say "looking for Marwan" or "tracking nuclear warhead"?). So when Chang is being escorted from the building, he just happens to run into Edgar.
  • The (Vice) President, calls Palmer in to be his proxy and do anything he needs to get this all fixed. So Palmer does and now the (Vice) President is pissed. Didn't see that one coming a MILE away.

Say What?
"They were all masked?"
"Wait, his mask was lifted."
"Use the image processing filters."

Answer this question. Why aren't they using night-vision cameras outside at night? And isn't this the oldest "computer trick" in the book? They've got this image, but it's hard to tell what, or who, it is. So they enhance the hell out of it and then it's just fine to run through a database of information?

One More Thing
Are you kidding me? Curtis' last name is Man? As in, "hello Mr. Man?"

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