Wednesday, October 26, 2005

24 Season 5: The Teaser

No spoilers in this post, unless you consider the teaser footage to be spoilers.

The peeps over at have posted the Season Five teaser that aired during last night’s World Series game. You can check it out by going to their news page.

My initial reactions to the teaser?

So far, so good... it was a true teaser in the sense that we don’t see any plot points, just glimpses of what’s to come. The fire-shielding effects look particularly great. And the whole season, from the looks of the trailer, seems to be much more cinematic in nature. Which is a good thing.

So far, the bad... we’re still getting served the fancy looking, high-techish, non-existant satellite computer crap. Okay, it’s a tv show, whatever. Also, Jack’s cell phone is working in the middle of the desert. Amazing. Also, did you notice that Jack didn’t really look like Jack anymore? He’s change his appearance because he’s in hiding. And by appearance, I mean haircut.

Get ready for another season of Jack running around, pointing guns at people and screaming. I’ll be here with a recap for every episode.

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