Monday, October 03, 2005

24 Season 5: The Beggining of a Long Season?

From my faithful source over at The 24 Insider (WARNING: Potential Spoiler Alert):

The new season has Jack settling in Bakersfield, California, and working on an oil rig, it’s a far cry from his secret past. He falls in love with a mysterious woman (Connie Britton) and everything seems just fine. But true to “24”, his life doesn’t stay peaceful for very long. The woman’s son, played by Brady Corbett, becomes suspicious of Jack’s past and begins asking too many questions. Suddenly Jack’s cover explodes. The Chinese government quickly finds out about him and everyone is in danger. One of the major characters will be killed off on the first three episodes! Fox is closely guarding the identity of the victim – but the writers are promising the death will be totally unexpected and will shock even 24’s most seasoned fans. The buzz is that former President David Palmer... is the victim. But on 24 anything can happen and anyone can be a target.
Source - The Globe (September 5th issue page 66)

Seriously, with all the hype that they’re giving to season five, is it really going to be all that surprising when some major character bites the dust? No. You’re ruining it for viewers already! Why do you even have to tease that? You’re 24, you don’t have to tease anything!

But really, if it IS Palmer, then you’re potentially shooting yourself in the foot because he’s one of the best things that show still has to offer.

I’m telling you, if you want shock value, kill Jack Bauer. THEN you’d have a nice little chaotic series on your hands.

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