Monday, July 17, 2006

24 Season 6: It Already Sounds Stupid

The latest news from reports (WARNING: Spoiler Alert):

Regina King (Ray) is joining the cast of Fox’s 24, while D.B. Woodside is being bumped up to series regular, reports Variety.

In a Kennedyesque twist, Woodside -- who plays Wayne Palmer, brother of assassinated President David Palmer -- will begin season six as the newly elected president of the United States.

King, meanwhile, joins as heretofore unseen Palmer sister Angela, a powerful lawyer with an advocacy group.

I don’t mind the bump from part-time to full-time for Wayne Palmer, but he’s now the President!?! This is a guy who was running around with Jack last season shooting bad guys and kidnapping a bank official. If that doesn’t show that he’s President material, I don’t know what does. And with as much strife as the Palmer family has endured during their time in office, why would the public want another Palmer in the Oval Office? Answer, apparently the "dumb president" schtick is up.

Why not get the previous President in there – the one that was shot, which allowed Logan to take his place? That would be more interesting.

On the other half of this news, Palmer’s sister is now in the mix. If anyone can’t see that this is another Sherry Palmer story-line waiting to happen, then you’re not thinking wishfully enough. Honestly though, it’s taken five seasons for us to find out that Palmer had a powerful lawyer sister? Doubtful, she would have been around the second David was elected President.

I’d much rather see Palmer’s kids in a new role than his sister that we’ve never caught glimpse of.

Looks to be shaping up for a pretty corny story-line already. But we’ve still got five months until January. Hang on a while, you’ll hear more news here when it breaks.


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Chris P. said...

As the previous poster so eloquently puts, why do you keep up on all the latest news about "24" and keep watching it and keep spending so much time and effort to run this Web site that is devoted to you just saying the same thing over and over again: That "24" sucks?
Here's the answer: You must be a loser, and you must have absolutely no life!

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Keep up the good work, don't pay attention to the fanboys :) They're just as dumb as the show :D

Anonymous said...

Logan's predecessor wasn't shot. He went down in Air Force 1 in Day 4 and later succumbed (died) from those injuries.