Thursday, July 20, 2006

24 Season 6 News: Interviews with Kim Raver and Jon Cassar

The latest news from reports the following information derived from interviews with Kim Raver (Audrey) and Jon Cassar (Co-Executive Producer) – (WARNING: Spoiler Alert):

Is Audrey returning?
Since Ms. Raver is now a leading character on next fall’s The Nine, there is some speculation whether or not Audrey returns. The word right now is that there are several options and nothing is nailed down. C’mon, she’ll be way too busy to bring her back. Besides, Jack can start screwing a new chick and terrorizing whichever relative of hers that he chooses.

Will there be another 10 minute video that links Seasons 5 and 6?
It’s not certain yet, but it looks like it. And if you read Cassar’s response, it sounds like Jack is BACK from China. I don’t think that’s correct, but it would be hilarious to put Jack THAT much higher on a pedestal and say he can escape an ENTIRE nation and get back to the US before the next day begins.

Is Season 6 going to be shot in NY?
Who cares? You go from one of the most spread out cities in the US to one of the most dense – but traffic doesn’t change. Though, I would say a nice subway sequence would be pretty cool – or should I say could be pretty cool. And if you try to fake a NY setting in LA... riiiiight.

There’s one more question in the interview snippet, but it’s boring. Check it out if you want/have time.


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