Wednesday, August 09, 2006

24 Season 6: Casting News

The latest news from reports (WARNING: Spoiler Alert):

Just got off the phone with my 24 mole and he/she informs me that Eric Balfour has signed on to reprise his Season 1 role as independent CTU contractor Milo Pressman. My spy wouldn’t say how Milo would be re-introduced, but he’ll be sticking around for awhile: Balfour will be credited as a series regular.

In other 24 news, former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine doc Alexander Siddig is joining the cast as one of the evil-doers behind the big Season 6 plot. Additionally, Carlo Rota (aka Mr. Chloe O’Brien) will be back as a series regular.

Sweet, Milo Pressman is back. I’m having troubles remembering what he did way back when, but I think he was the Edgar from back in the day. This could be a good move.

In another good move, Mr. Chloe O’Brien is back. I thought it was a bit hokey to have him show up at the end of Season 5, but he was quite the charmer and could be interesting as a series regular. Unfortunately, this casting isn’t a shocker.

Alexander Siddig as the bad guy. Hmmmm... could be cast as a Middle Eastern for Season 6? I thought we would finally get away from those baddies.

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