Sunday, January 07, 2007

24 Season 6: EW Says it’s Scary Good

One week! One week! One week! Can you believe that there’s only ONE WEEK before the new tragedy season begins? I can’t. It seems like we’ve been sitting around in a Chinese jail for the past 20 months (while our bodies deteriorate and our beards grow), just waiting for news on the Jack Bauer front.

Now that we’re so close to the beginning of the new season, the hype machine seems to be in full effect. Not only are there non-stop promos running on television, but it looks like the first four episodes have been leaked on BitTorrent. I don’t buy for a second that someone just happened to get a hold of them and put them on BitTorrent. It was probably Fox that did it, which is fine. They’re just giving the die hard fans a chance to be cool before anyone else.

In addition to this news, I ran across an article on about this upcoming season. As you can read for yourself, the gist of the article is this... when contemplating if this season can be as good as last season, apparently there are more thrills and suspense in the first four hours than most series can pack into a single season. Great, just what we need is more crap packed in.

But before I dismissed the article, because it seemed so pro-24, I kept reading to see what else Mr. King (I think it’s THE Stephen King) had to say.

This time the story spun out by Joel Surnow, Howard Gordon, and their co-conspirators seems, if not real, then dismayingly possible. Season 5, distinguished by Gregory Itzin as President Slimeball (and let’s not forget Jean Smart as his long-suffering, screw-loosey wife), was almost extinguished by the creaking plot. Sentox? Really? It doesn’t sound like nerve gas; it sounds like something you buy at the drugstore to combat athlete’s foot or hide those embarrassing facial blemishes.

This coming from the guy who writes horror stories about killer clowns... but, for some reason, I want to believe it. Whoever reads this blog knows how I feel about 24’s last several seasons. What once was a good show has slipped, badly, and yet still somehow managed to win big-time Emmys (finally). While I don’t think the show was Emmy-worthy, I want it to be better.

King also mentions how successful the show is – which no one can argue with. But a part of that success had to do with focusing more on explosions than it did on writing and acting. Maybe season six will be different.

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