Thursday, June 14, 2007

24 Season 6 Earns ZERO Nominations by the Television Critics Association

Biggest. Shocker. Ever.

Last year, Season Five was nominated three times by the Television Critics Association, but came up empty handed. It was a strange twist indeed, but I think it spoke volumes. The same critics that hailed Season Five as the best ever, couldn't vote for them to win awards. I just don't know how that loss translates into Emmy wins -- I still say it was a make-up award from seasons One through Three.

Well, this year, in what was easily the crappiest season ever, 24 couldn't even muster up a single nod from the TCA.

Boo hoo. Good thing they're "reinventing" the show.


Reinhardt und Dario said...

I just hope they don't get ANY awards for this season. I'm still not over their Emmy win last year, and if they get anything this year, I'm gonna have to kill somebody.

Jonk said...

I have suddenly lost a lot of hope for next season's "reinvention." TV Guide is reporting that there will be a female president next year -- I was hoping the White House plot would be dropped entirely.

David Palmer, Prescott*, Keeler, Logan, Gardner**, Wayne Palmer, and Daniels. (Plus, David's predecessor who was in office during the first season.)

Counting interims, this new female president in Day 7 would be the series' 9th person in office since the events of Day 1. Ridiculous.

*-VP Prescott was presumably acting president for some time period between Day 2 and Day 3, during David's recovery from the assassination attempt.

**-Logan's VP Gardner was presumably president between Day 5 and Day 6

Mike Wilkerson said...

I've been telling anyone that will listen to just LEAVE OUT any references to the presidency, the White House, CTU, Intrapersonal Communications based on Sex and Kim and we'll be just fine.