Wednesday, May 31, 2006

24 Season 5 Nominated Three Times by Television Critics Association

The Television Critics Association has spoken – and what horrible words they have muttered. Apparently, 24 hasn’t only found a way to make the common TV viewer drone out for 24 total hours and watch filth, but they’ve somehow convinced the critics to nominate them for awards!

I’m not saying that 24 doesn’t deserve its fair share of gold... as you can see, last year it was nominated 11 times for Emmys. The sad thing, to some, is that (as with the other previous three seasons) it only won three Emmys, all in non-glamorous categories – Outstanding Single Camera Sound Mixing for a Series, Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and Outstanding Stunt Coordination. But they’re still awards, right?

This time around 24 has been nominated three times – Program of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Drama and Individual Achievement in Drama.

So how will 24 fare?

Program of the Year
Here 24 is pitted against Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, The Office and The Sopranos. Tough crowd. The Sopranos is on the way out, so it doesn’t win. Lost is too silly, much like 24 (but it knows it, so that’s okay), so it won’t win. That leaves Grey’s Anatomy and The Office... I say Grey’s wins here, de-throning Desperate Housewives which won the award last year.

Outstanding Achievement in Drama
The combatants here are again Grey’s Anatomy, House, Lost and The Sopranos. Again, I think Grey’s takes it. No way could it win best overall and NOT get this.

Individual Achievement in Drama
Good ol’ Jack could walk away with some gold here. He’s going up against Alan Alda (The West Wing), James Gandolfini (The Sopranos), Hugh Laurie (House) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer). Alda is out here, but did a superb job this season. No to Gandolfini and Laurie. The only person I see giving Bauer a run is Sedgwick, who is supposed to be a knock-out on The Closer. I’d actually like to see who can get a confession faster, her or Jack. My money is on Jack.

One out of three wouldn’t be so bad, especially considering how goofy the show is. But I kinda hope the don’t win, we don’t need the writers getting any more crazy ideas.

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