Wednesday, September 21, 2005

24 Season 5: Chloe and Edgar News

From my faithful source over at The 24 Insider (WARNING: Potential Spoiler Alert):

Mary Lynn Rajskub hinted that “something’s brewing this year” between Chloe and Edgar. But sadly, that something is probably not a red-hot affair. “You want that to happen so bad,” she teased me. “You want [a Chloe-Edgar] love scene so bad.” You will see Tony and Michelle in the season premiere.
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Oh... she’s got us pegged. It’s what everyone, EVERYONE, wants to see – a hot, torrid, love affair invloving a momma’s boy nerd and the world’s biggest know-it-all that scowls for 24 hours a day. We SO know who would wear the pants in that relationship... yes, the one who shot a semi-automatic weapon last season when she was sent with ONE AGENT as protection to retrieve a very essential hard drive.

And how exactly do you work in a love scene into the show? They’ve tried the past few seasons and they all seem very forced. This day, and the other four crazy days you’ve had, is the most important day in US history, keep it in your pants.

Oooo, don’t forget that other JUICY tidbit of information – we’ll see Tony and Michelle in the season premiere... getting blown to pieces in their brand new, super strong-tired, Cadillac.

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