Monday, February 27, 2006

24 Season 5: Episode 10 Recap
(Hour 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

Well, I must say that tonight’s episode was probably the best of the season... and not a moment too soon. There is still a load of horse-pucky going on, but all in all, I was surprised with the outcome and appreciated the twists.

The Russian President’s Motorcade

  • The Good: It’s about time we have a car ride in Los Angeles takes more than 10 minutes! Granted, it was just for the sake of a silly plot point, but a LOT more realistic than usual.
  • The Bad: How can the press be surprised that the terrorists knew about the route of the motorcade? It was all over the news when it left! It probably wouldn’t take much for some very resourceful terrorists to figure something like that out.
  • The Ugly: First off, it’s nearly rush hour... where’s the traffic? Secondly, it’s nearly rush hour, where are all of the people downtown? Third, would the Russian President really be taking a motorcade and not a helicopter? Because I’m pretty damn sure they arrived to the summit by helicopter.

CTU Isn’t Lynn’s Baby Anymore

  • The Good: I liked the coup de tat, but I liked it better when I saw it on Crimson Tide.
  • The Bad: The ol’ "secret computer in the back of CTU that isn’t traceable," trick. Right. Or how about Lynn not taking the advice of his advisors? Is he trying to take a page out of President Logan’s book? Oh, wait, Logan doesn’t have ANY advisors.
  • The Ugly: Lynn flying off the handle and firing everyone in his path. Doesn’t he know that Edgar and Chloe are the only computer people he has? Also, the use of the word "real-time," again. We know... the show is in real-time!

President Logan and Mrs. Looney Tunes

  • The Good: The absurdity of the whole idea that Logan and his wife are arguing about killing the Russian President.
  • The Bad: Uhhh, what? Praying? Is it just me, or did this seem VERY out of context for any season of 24?
  • The Ugly: The fact that they can’t get off of this weak President story-line.

Christopher Henderson, the Ex-Boss

  • The Good: Did I hear Nina’s name??? And I was totally duped into thinking that he was really helping Jack. Nice.
  • The Bad: Weird, a former director of CTU that lost his job? Never heard that one.
  • The Ugly: How often do corporate Vice Presidents wait behind their door with a tazer-gun?

Coming up next week... two hours and the return of Kim Bauer and Tony!!! Ugh.


Nelson said...

I'm actually pretty tired of the Prez, too. And Samwise was being set up as such a hero in the beginning (decoding Jack's old protocol's). But he's loosing it.

And as far as Kim goes, who cares if she gets in trouble. Maybe she'll be captured and stripped down to her skivvies! And it looks like mountain lions CAN actually get close to houses, so her plot about being cornered by a mtn. lion earlier in the show's life could happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Prez praying. I couldn't believe it, right before the Nixon look alike grabbed the Dick Cheney look alike I said "he's not going to pray is he?" AND THEN HE DID! It was right out of Woodwards book THE FINAL DAYS:

The President broke down and sobbed ... He was hysterical. "Henry," he said, "you are not a very Orthodox Jew, and I am not an orthodox Quaker, but we need to pray." Nixon got down on his knees. Kissinger felt he had no alternative but to kneel down, too. The President prayed out loud, asking for help, rest, peace and love ... And then, still sobbing, Nixon leaned over, striking his fist on the carpet, crying: "What have I done? What has happened?" Kissinger touched the President, and then held him, tried to console him, to bring rest and peace to the man who was curled on the carpet like a child.

Oh my.....