Monday, February 27, 2006

Where’s Kim and Tony? Plus other don’t-forget-these-story-lines!

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

There’s nothing quite like being teased and prodded by the 24 plot-twisters over the course of a season. What’s worse is being teased and prodded for the first half. Tonight will be the tenth episode of the season and we’ve been dealing with the same story-lines for quite a while now, but it’s important to remember that we’re going to get a few more in the last 15 hours of the show.

The Return of Kim Bauer
In the most action that Kim has seen in almost two seasons, I think we’ve heard her name now approximately 13 times. We all knew the writers were just warming us up for her re-appearance. But how will she appear? Let’s see... how about she’s being held hostage by someone Jack is trying to kill. Maybe it’s the mountain lion that didn’t quite finish her off in season two.

Tony Finally Gets Out of Surgery, or Whatever
Waaaaaaaay back in episode one, Tony was taken to CTU’s medical wing (the one they have no reason to have except for plot twists). Since then, we’ve seen him in one episode – but he was still knocked out. You know he’s going to wake up soon, and give Jack a "key" bit of information. If so much trouble was went through to kill Palmer and Michelle, then why didn’t the assassin kill Tony when he had infiltrated CTU to kill Jack?

Diane and Derek, the Dynamic Duo
Well, these two just fell off the face of the Earth faster than anyone in 24 history. Which should send us a big signal. There was also a moment a few episodes back where CTU questioned how well Diane knew Jack (Frank). I think we’re being set up for yet another mole-story. Don’t count these two out just yet.

Who’s Afraid of the Spenser Wolff
In the tried-and-true mole-within-CTU storyline, Spenser actually came out sort of clean. Yes, he did bad things, but he thought he was being patriotic. Or was he? He’s still being held in CTU and not ushered of to some maximum security, so there must be some plot-twist that will involve him.

Chloe and Edger: The Odd Couple
How could we forget about the glaringly obvious love story that’s about to come to fruition? No, not Jack and Audrey (again). No, not Palmer and Sherry (reunited in the afterlife). We’re talkin’ Chloe and Edgar. Blech. My bet, one of them dies in the other’s arms by seasons end.

Can We Bring Back Nina, or Maybe Mandy
Two of 24’s best villains have been kept on the sideline so far this year. Here’s to hoping they’ll be brought back at some point.

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