Monday, February 06, 2006

24 Season 5: Episode 7 Recap
(Hour 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

Coming Soon to a Best Buy Near You!
Each year, the list of innovative and impressive software at CTU grows. In just one episode, we get the wonderful workings of:

  • Super Phone Trace 2.4: This software not only picks up and records any phone call CTU might want (because it’s easy to pinpoint almost any phone call), but then it does voice recognition, too. Question... if that software did that, why did Jack and Curtis have to infiltrate the building to catch that dude? Couldn’t they have just listened to all of the phone calls?
  • Over-Used Technology Number One: Helicopter-proof cell phones.
  • Over-Used Technology Number Two: LA-based teleportation
  • Hacker Skills: It took Spencer two minutes, if that, to hack into the system. If you can’t remember who Spencer is, he’s the one that’s currently in trouble for being the CTU mole... but there was NO ONE else who could hack into this ultra mega secure system. If he’s so good, then why can he only knock cameras out for 60 seconds? Why not cut the power to the entire building?
  • Candy People Tracking: We’ve seen this software already this year... but again I ask, how do you track a single person AND know who they are? Plus, why do they look like green skittles?

All (two of) the President’s Men
Ah, there’s nothing like trying to send your crazy wife to the nut-house that’ll bring your marriage back together. Not only that, but since you’re missing the Chief of Staff (because he killed himself, since this mega-treasonist person was left in a room by himself... but you know, they’re way understaffed... one more thing, would a sprinkler hold that weight?), why not make her your chief advisor over Mike? Done. Idiot viewer alert!!! “Mike, are you implying a cover-up?”

Trumped Tower
The super secure, proprietary software, tower that Spencer hacked into (in two minutes) was staffed with three guards. Three. And one of them gave us the best acting on 24 all season... too bad Jack had to give him a cheap shot in the elevator. In previous season’s, it took a pardon from the President. Now, it only takes one from the Attorney General, and again it takes a matter of two minutes to get one. Uh-huh.

The “15 year-old”
Jack’s motto for the past four seasons has been, “I don’t trust anyone.” Except this “15 year-old” gal that he found in the tower. In about four, or five, moments where I thought was going to kiss this girl, I figured something very important out... SHE HAS THE CHIP INSIDE HER!!! Or not. If you had been missing for 19 months, would you still be in the same area as the man who kidnapped you? And there’s no way the agents would “hold their fire,” if she was shooting a gun... she’d be dead, too.

The Chop Shoppe
What a find! Someone who can cut into the canisters for you (but not TOO far, or you’ll all die)! And he’s quick, too. Well, by quick I mean he takes 20 minutes cutting the first one open, but then finishes the other 20+ canisters in five minutes. Not too shabby. Plus he’s stupid, as if he’s going to live.

Kim Where Art Thou?
So are you still wondering if Kim is coming back or not? Her name was said like 14 times tonight. And now Audrey has to be the one who calls her. Just let Jack do it, because that’s what we need... another side story... like the evil druggie sister! Yeah, that’s a good one!

Next Week!
Jack catches a break and becomes a bad guy once again! Will he take up heroin again? Will the terrorist never learn who Jack is, even though he probably saw him at the airport? Will Kim run around in a tight shirt? Who cares!!!

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