Monday, March 27, 2006

24 Season 5: Episode 15 Recap
(Hour 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

If there’s one thing that Fox and 24 has taught me over the past few years about their previews for the next episode, is that a majority of what you see in them happens within the first 15 minutes of the show. Last week’s preview showed Jack interrogating Audrey – that was over within 15 minutes. So don’t think that when you see a preview that the entire episode will revolve around everything you saw. But we’re not here to discuss previews...

For Those Keeping Score, Jack STILL Has Zero Authority
Remember, he doesn’t work for CTU, he’s acting on his own authority. So why the charade about Jack having power this season? Jack can’t “sanction” an interrogation for Audrey. He also can’t just waltz into a room where a US Marshall is and knock him out to talk to the detainee. It served him right to get cuffed and tazered when he did, but damn... how about some consistency here. Jack would be no where close to this investigation.

While we’re talking about Audrey, was anyone rooting for Jack to just snap her neck? No? Okay, maybe not... but did anyone question how sympathetic Audrey would be towards Jack AFTER she just got injected with tons of interrogation chemicals? Does anyone remember Jack nearly killing her ex-husband last season by interrogation? Flashback!

One last thing about Audrey... I bet she dies by the end of the season. Jack can’t have a happy ending.

We Always Knew Chloe Was Good... But THIS Good?
Wow, let’s get this straight, in five minutes time, Chloe confirmed that Walt Cummings and Audrey stayed in the same room at the River Hotel (not real) in Pikesville, Maryland, by:

  1. Searching all of Audrey’s “records” over the past 18 months
  2. Pinpointing a time/date when she and Cummings were both at the same hotel
  3. Emailing photos of both Audrey and Cummings to the hotel manager AND received confirmation that he recognized both Walt and Audrey

Is it odd to anyone that, for whatever reason, the manager is STILL at the hotel at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time? Let’s do a counting exercise... 9:00 p.m. Pacific time is 10:00 p.m. Mountain time, 11:00 p.m. Central time and 12:00 a.m. Eastern time. Yes, midnight, and the hotel manager is still at the hotel and answering emails (with proof of phone bills and room service receipts)within two minutes. Not buying that one.

The New Sherry (NOT Palmer)
So the new, young, hot Sherry has a past with Miles (goober nerd)... just what we need, another side story. It’s a good thing that Chloe is on her side, and an even better thing that Sherry has knowledge about Natural Gas Distribution centers, mixing gas with another chemical and psi. I best not fail to mention 24’s weak attempt at humor, every man must be a sexual predator on this show now. Side note, who thinks Edgar was killed so that Chloe and Miles could hook up?

Get More Evidence!
It’s clearly not enough evidence that Collette Stinger’s (someone who had JUST sold schematics to Bierko -- assisting and aiding a terrorist) name was on Henderson’s computer. But it was more than enough evidence for a hotel manager to ID Audrey and Cummings (someone who assisted and aided a terrorist)?

Wilshire Gas Company
Never mind the oddly placed phone sign outside the receiving dock (you know, just in case anyone who wound up inside the locked gates needed to know where a phone was), that’s none of your concern. What IS your concern is this...

  • The safety precautions one would take when shooting guns inside a natural gas building (no, bodies being shot from a maximum of 10 feet away will NOT stop a bullet from hitting gas containers OR controls in the control room)
  • The feasibility of being able to pick up heat signatures from people outside of a natural gas plant (which are pretty hot to begin with)
  • The fact that you won’t be able to hear a helicopter when you’re standing outside guarding the door

The Long Road to the Presidential Compound
Would a Presidential compound have an entrance miles away from the actual place and NO supporting security all the way to the compound? Doubtful. Would there be a long enough drive for someone to go out and scout for anyone having car trouble? Doubtful number two. Would Wayne Palmer have such a bad ass gun? Doubtful number three. Would the military (the ones guarding the entrance) not notice a rocket being shot at someone (not to mention whatever other surveillance was taking place to guard the President)? Doubtful number four.

What a fun episode that was. Not that I’m complaining, but why wasn’t the President told about any of the crap going on this week? And if there was a huge military curfew going on, why wasn’t there military breaking up the faux fight by the terrorists? Whatever. I did enjoy the special effects and I’m really digging on Karen’s character. There’s a small silver lining in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the scene where Jack is pointing at and threatening to shoot Collet with what is clearly a jammed, and absolutely unfireable handgun.

It appears when Jack pulled the slide back on the gun to chamber a round it failed to feed properly. The round caught on the edge of the receiver, leaving the slide cocked back, and the gun ultimately useless. This is clearly visible in the numerous close-up shots of the gun pointed at Collet's head.

I guess they didn't want to redo the shot, as the acting was just too good...

Nelson said...

I also wondered about the gate checker at the gas factory...even if there WERE scheduled deliveries for that time, isn't LA under martial law? Delivery trucks wouldn't be allowed through.

On another note, I'm a bit confused on the whole Presidential area lockdown. If CIA guy just got shot at by a rocket launcher and heavily armed men within the lockdown area, shouldn't he call the President and let him know he isn't secure?

I think the new Sherry is hot, too. A bit of a freak with the whole sexual harrassment thing, but adds some fun dialog to the show.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this site...they have a lot of 24 shirts. I think their best is the "I broke into CTU and all I got was this lousy shirt...and a beating from Jack Bauer" shirt because it totally makes a mockery of all the terrorists being able to break into CTU.

Anonymous said...

You also forgot that they insulted our intelligence by magically dissappearing from where they captured Collette Stinger, to re-appearing back at CTU at the start of the episode.

I still love this show and will watch every week, but I just wish they would quit it with shit like that. I still think this season is a huge turnaround from season 4. That one started off good, but halfway through it became painful to watch.

All and all...still a great show. It's no longer real-time, but it's still better than 90% of the crap out there.

Anonymous said...

You lot are actually quite pathetic, its kind of sad and funny at the same time

Anonymous said...

You dumb asses... puh lease... how can you like saying bad things about one of the most viewed series?? There are a lot of much more stupid series that have more mistakes than 24 to have fun laughing at them... Come on, you morons!!