Wednesday, March 22, 2006

24 Season 5: Episodes 13 and 14 Recaps
(Hours 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

I apologize for my recent absence, it’s not nice leaving all of you hanging high and dry for some 24 recaps. But I should really be apologizing to myself, since watching two episodes back to back is almost a fate worse than death. Needless to say, I survived 24’s sappiest episode ever and then the load of crap that followed it this week. Let’s get to it!

Episode 13: CTU’s Lips Are Sealed, Kinda
Funny how the episode started off with some dude announcing what areas are safe within CTU. Hmmm, anyone that can hear you is alive and already IN the safe area. And I’m not completely buying the notion that all of the CRT units were deployed to the hospital, that was like five episodes ago and the hospital was fine. Not only that, but Curtis was WAY off in his 30 minute arrival estimate since we never saw him again until episode 14.

How lucky was it that Kim’s boyfriend was a psychologist? I think instead of helping Chloe, he needed to be in the room with the security guard and Lynn, working out Lynn’s insecurities about being beaten up. Why was the security guard grilling Lynn about NOT telling anyone, when he should’ve asked HOW Lynn got back inside – we all want to know that.

Who caught Tony’s best impersonation of Inigo Montoya? “My name is Tony Almeda, you killed my wife, prepare to die.” It’s a good thing that Jack reached into his bag (and season one) to bring up Teri, that seemed to quell Tony for a little bit longer.

I noticed that Chloe didn’t grab a power chord for the laptop, hopefully it was charged up before the nerve gas was released. And speaking of impressive technology, does every government agency have computer systems that tell them air pressure, air/gas mixture ratio, sealant capacity, etc., other than nuclear power plants? Doubtful. While we’re talking about seals, how forward-thinking of the terrorists to include an acid that could corrode the seals on the doors. But wait... wouldn’t that same acid corrode the seals on the canisters that contain the nerve gas? Naaaaah!

Let’s talk about the seals a bit more:

  • How exactly do you use a computer program to slow a seal from corroding?
  • How does the room that Jack and company were in had actual seals running down the gaps in the doors and windows... but the room that Lynn and security guard were in didn’t?
  • How are the seals 80% in 25 minutes, but they still have 20 minutes before they’re gone completely?
  • Would this acid stuff also corrode other things, such as computers, wires, or skin? I would think so.

The best part of this episode was the phone conversation that the security guard had with his daughter, almost tear-jerking. In addition, not that I’m excited that we lost yet another CTU director, but that was cool how Lynn went out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the First Family is further proving that they are the most ignorant and dysfunctional family in US History. It’s absolutely ignorant that the VP and President are openly talking about Martial Law without even the mention of a cabinet, Congress or Senate. Wouldn’t happen.

One more good thing about the episode, Tony kicked it. Whoever said no one was safe, God bless you. Let’s kill Jack, next!

Episode 14: A Hodge Podge of Stuff

  • Why is it such a secret that CTU is going to be taken over by Homeland Security? If another government agency went down, there would be a protocol for such an event. We all know how CTU loves following protocol, so no one should be surprised when this happens.
  • Wayne Palmer is back! That’s a good thing.
  • Explain to me this quote regarding the Martial Law declaration, “our legal people are working on it right now.”
  • It’s no wonder Bill and others were concerned... Homeland Security walks in with five, maybe six, people and takes over CTU. That’s normal.
  • Nice “german” accent from Stoller (who also appears on Lost).
  • Can we go one episode without breaking protocol? Also, still no word from the Chinese this season regarding the information that Jack is still alive?
  • If the mega-snotty geek from Homeland Security was able to figure out that Chloe sent something to Jack, how can you not figure out what it was?
  • Past season loophole: If CTU knows what car Collette was driving, why don’t they just trace it back to Bierko with their satellites?
  • Explain to me how one “programs a memory card to self-destruct.”
  • Weird, yet another potential mole inside of CTU storyline!

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srssly ur starting to tick me off
"But I should really be apologizing to myself, since watching two episodes back to back is almost a fate worse than death. Needless to say, I survived 24’s sappiest episode ever and then the load of crap that followed it this week" WHY DO U KEEP WATCHING 24 WHEN U HATE IT??? ESOPICALLY 2 TIMES GOSH AND U HAVE NO READERS