Monday, January 23, 2006

24 Season 5: Episode 5 Recap
(Hour 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

Another week, another hour, another set of regurgitated story-lines. But don’t let that ruin anything, because there might be a silver lining in there somewhere. I think that things could turn a nice and sharp corner soon, but I’m not counting on it.

Escape From the Airport? The Nerve!

  • That nerve gas was sure extremely dangerous to open, hence the gas mask apperatuses... but once there was no danger, they remove the masks and just carry the canisters around like it’s no big deal.
  • How are the terrorists going to drive the nerve gas out of there??? Oooooh, because their van says, “Police Department SWAT” on it. Good to know exactly who they are and what city they work for. Be careful on the highway and don’t run into any “Flower Delivery Vans” or “Fire Trucks.”
  • Hanger BB was “outside the secure permimeter.” If this follows any type of action plans we take against terrorists, I’m sure that all of the budding terrorists out there are happy to know that when/if they take over an airport, the police will leave certain sectors unsearched and unprotected.
  • What’s in these hangars? Nothing too important, apparently, since the doors are secured with one padlock. And if what they said is true, about the US hiding different toxic gases around different airport bunkers, then a) this one would’ve been cataloged and known about, and, b) there’d be more than a simple padlock on the door.
  • Hmmm, need to look for clues... whoa, dead rats! Guess those canisters weren’t so sealed after all.

The Dysfunctional First Family

  • President Logan asks, “when did this happen?” Hmmm, well, let’s see... PROBABLY SINCE THE LAST TIME YOU SAW HER! But the real answer is that no one knows, since there’s only about six people running around there. And since when did the First Lady’s hair stylist personal assistant become her body guard, too?
  • I like it when President Logan takes action... “close that door!” is such a manly thing to order.
  • So President Logan doesn’t listen to his advisors when they’re talking about a matter of International Security. Ironically, though, he takes marriage advice and decides to send his wife away to the loony bin.
  • Why is it so damn important to talk to Tony? What the hell will he possibly tell you? Oh, I know! “Jack, I was almost blown up!”
  • What!?! The First Lady just up and went out a damn window!?! Is it bad that I said, “I hope she’s dead,” when we didn’t know where she was for about ten seconds? And just how does anyone leave the house that the President is at? That is some great perimeter security.


  • Of all the protocols that CTU must follow day in and day out, on a day like this they allow Audrey, a non-CTU agent, to question people?
  • “A lot of people thought you were dead, until today.” Yeah, he knows... wait, wasn’t it ALL of them?
  • Why is it that the moles always hang out in the back rooms? And if you ever need to know, this is what you type in to figure out what people were looking at on a computer right before you, “Recall Last Command.”
  • Those are some pretty thorough guards... menacing, too. I’d say that on a day like today, no one gets into CTU without being searched extensively. Think of CTU’s track record over the past five years... yikes.
  • “It could take us months to figure out who the mole is in Logan’s administration, there are hundreds of staff members.” ... “wait, now that I think of it, there are only two that are in this story.”

Why Break From Habit?

  • Oft-used story-line #1: A mole inside the White House
  • Oft-used story-line #2: A mole inside CTU
  • Oft-used story-line #3: Love Triangle(s)
  • Oft-used story-line #4: Can’t talk to hurt person until they’re better
  • Oft-used story-line #5: Idiot teenager gets in way
  • Oft-used story-line #6: Personal issues muddy up busiest day of life


  • Where is the Vice President?
  • Where is Jack’s grave?
  • Nice to have the moles exposed so quickly in the season.
  • The fight scene was kick ass! But now we have to live with broken ribs, and probably some other medical drama, for Jack the rest of the season. Foreshadow alert!

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