Sunday, January 15, 2006

24 Season 5: A fore-warning

When I started this web site, I was squarely under the influence and stench that was season four. My goal with the site is to point out where 24 lacks in creativeness, integrity and consistency. 24 is, and has always been, an exciting show. To create and execute an entire 24 episode series takes an incredible amount of writing and planning... it’s something that I would probably have a very hard time with, nor something that I would like to do. The problem with a show like 24 is that it was a high-concept show and I think over the past two season’s the writers and producers have struggled to keep the intensity at a high level. It’s not enough to have Jack Bauer running around screaming his head off for the entire season, sad but true.

That’s where I stepped in. Just as most major films and television shows have people working in the continuity department, I use this as a forum to discuss where 24 falls flat and decides to embellish their story to make it work within the boundaries that they created. 24 is a popular show, no doubt about it, but with more and more viewers tuning in each season, there needs to be a voice somewhere inside Fox that asks, “is this realistic and, more importantly, is this believeable?”

I know my posts may seem a bit negative at times, but my intention is to help the viewing public keep 24 at a more realistic level... not that anyone at Fox is listening. Saying that, I know that no show is perfect and it’s very hard to be just that. I loved the first two seasons of 24 and believe that it can be the best show on television, but it definitely has kinks to work out.

That said, I’m actually excited about season five and think that the teasers and commercials for it thus far have made it look more film-like and realistic. It should be fun to watch the season, or day, progress and I’ll be right here after every episode with my thoughts and comments. I’ll be sure to call 24 out on its silliness, but I’ll also be positive when it does things the right way. With a little better direction and acting, 24 may finally break through the bubble and win some of the more important Emmys.

We’ll see. Enjoy season five of 24, I know I will.

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Nelson said...

I know my wife and I are pretty stoked about season 5! It seems like Jack's predicament (supposedly dead) will put a nice spin on his "rules of engagement" might be nice to see Jack without boundaries!

But as always, I'll be reading this to see how ridiculously meticulous your eyes are!