Monday, January 30, 2006

24 Season 5: Episode 6 Recap
(Hour 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

Things are quickly becoming unrealistic on 24, big shocker. It progressively gets worse every week and the situations we find the main characters in on the show are just absurd and bogus. I want a fast-paced show just like the next guy, but I want my show and its facts based in reality, not some made up world where it’s okay to stretch the truth to better fit your story.

Hide and Stink
Okay, I’ve beaten this point into the ground already this year, but it makes no sense that this administration only has two cabinet members and a handful of security running around the complex. The only time a new character is introduced is to help the plot move along. In reality, there would be staffers and security running around everywhere... not to mention White House appointed members of the press.

So aside from this lack of security IN the building, I have to mention the lack of security OUTSIDE the building. When someone, anyone, can break out of the White House (or some lame ranch in California as the case may be), the entire security needs a great deal of looking over. Not only did the First Lady get out of the house, she managed to go across the grounds of the complex and hide in the stables... behind a saddle (nice hiding, by the way).

If Aaron is head of security, how is it that a) he can’t prevent the other agents from taking the First Lady, and, b) why isn’t he informed of Jack Bauer’s detainment? Who knows, but if you think about the true lack of security on the complex, it’s no wonder he had such an easy time “sneaking” Jack in to see the President.

But again, realistically, there’s no chance in hell that Jack drives an SUV within 20 miles of the Presidential compound, especially on a day like this. And riddle me one more thing... where did the helicopter and 5 SUVs full of secret service come from if they’re no where to be found inside the complex?

There’s No Time For That!
So Cummings was the mole, okay, fine. But there’s no way that he could fulfill his day-to-day duties and help masterfully plan out this “terrorist” attack. Remember, he also was the guy who somehow had time to overdub Palmer’s phone conversation with the First Lady (which is still absolute crap). This guy is the Chief of Staff, one of the busiest people employed by the President... but I guess when you get down to it, he apparently only overlooks himself and Mike... so maybe he does have time to be a bad guy.

But then Cummings goes and tells the President his secret. And what does the President do? The usual, he stands there and looks like a complete idiot. If anyone in the President’s staff were to unload on the President like Cummings did, they’d be handcuffed and gagged within 10 seconds, if not shot.

And while on the subject of there not being enough time, how does everyone somehow get involved in a love triangle on a day like this? I think personal feelings can be delayed for about a day when the entire CTU is looking for some terrorists and nerve gas.

CTU Needs A Re-Org
Jack’s little mini-interrogation of Cummings was pretty sweet... and to be perfectly honest, probably expected by a rogue agent. Which begs the question, how does CTU, for the fifth time, get themselves so backed into a corner in these situations that they have to completely bend/break the rules in order to get out of it. Funny how it always involves Jack. What have they done for fun the past 18 months? And tell me why you would think to NOT disregard an order directly from the President, but find it just fine to send Jack (a non-CTU agent) into the field for you.

If it were to all be summed up in one quote, I think this is the quote I’d choose: “If we’re not doing everything in our power to stop the terrorists, we’re not doing our job.” Well done, seeing as you work at the Counter Terrorism Unit, stopping terrorists WOULD be your job, now wouldn’t it?

Like I said, this season is already starting to drag on and is becoming incredulous... and there’s still 18 hours to go. When does Kim come back? I need a real laugh.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I live in Los Angeles. The first episode I saw several years ago did not hook me. Jack somehow managed to drive from CTU in Los Angeles to Valencia/Santa Clarita (approx. 20 + miles north of LA, depending on where CTU is and if you are next to one of our nearly 24/7 grid-locked freeways)get into a shoot out, kill the bad guys and return to CTU in the same show with time to spare to run analysis.

Anyone in a major metropolitan area knows that you cannot even walk to your car from an office building in less than 5 minutes. So from that episode, I did not start watching the show. Somehow I got hooked and ended up renting the previous seasons. As I progressed through them, nothing has really changed. Once again we are chasing a terrorist with chemical and or nuclear weapons bent on destroying our country.

Yes. They are the counter terrorism unit, but can't the writers think of a new threat besides bombs and chemical/biological? How about a plot that involves a major computer virus that either puts the world's financial system into chaos or tricks a rogue or domestic country to believe false information that leads to some kind of global conflict. Here is the key.... do not solve it in a day. Let it go for an indefinite amount of time. Of course CTU does not have to sleep EVER, but bring some reality into this show.

How long have we been tracking down REAL terrorist that we cannot find? Give me a break.

As a final thought. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Jack Bauer was at the White House and flew across country to get back to CTU in the same hour on the episode airing Feb 13, but I think the fastest cross country jet flight is about 2+ hours by the SR-71 Blackbird. So now CTU has a transporter. Beam me up Scotty.

If people can manage to assinate a former President, down Airforce One with a missle and kill the existing president and then place a fuel truck that threatens to blow up Airforce One again, then everyone at CTU needs to be FIRED. They are simply resonding to threats and do not have a plan of action to eliminate them before they materialize. Thank God the real people on the job are keeping us safer or at least I hope so.

Anonymous said...

whyyousuck: you have far too much time

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. For someone who claims it's such a terrible show, you sure have spent a lot of time picking it apart.
News flash: We watch T.V. to escape reality, to be entertained. If it's not realistic, deal with it. It's a television show. And sometimes, in make believe land, things don't quite line up. If you think you're the first person to notice these inconsistancies, you're a dim wit. If you hate the show so much, stop watching it. Problem solved. Moron.
As for retard number 2 who complains about Jack getting around too fast, boo hoo. I hate to break it to you, but for all the problems you can find with 24, it's one of the most popular and highly acclaimed shows on television, and its actors and creators sleep on a pile of money at night. Doesn't seem to have bothered too many people. Other than you two, that is.