Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Official 24 Season Finale Drinking Game

With the season finale lurking in the shadows, I found an interesting article in today’s Kansas City Star. The idea is to have a 24 season finale party. But they talk about making a 24-themed drink or buffet. Boooooring.

The best part of the article was the idea of taking a drink when certain things occured during the show. So why not blow this out a little bit more?

The Ofiicial 24 Season Finale Drinking Game

When the following items occur during the two-hour finale of 24 (May 22, 8 p.m. Eastern), take a drink:

  • A clock appears
  • A CTU phone rings
  • The president acts like an idiot
  • Chloe grimaces
  • Something is uploaded to Jack’s PDA
  • Chloe sets up a VPN, hacks into something, or anything nerdy sounding
  • Anyone gives an ETA in an interval of five minutes
  • Anyone drives across LA in 10 minutes, or less

When the following items occur during the two-hour finale of 24, finish your drink:

  • Jack breaks the law
  • There’s a CTU security breakdown
  • Anything that would not happen in our real-life government
  • Yet another main bad guy is revealed
  • Jack tortures someone
  • Audrey dies

When the following items occur during the two-hour finale of 24, swear off 24 for ever:

  • Audrey survives
  • They show previews for next season
  • Kim returns
  • Mandy, the sexy assassin, doesn’t return

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you, can you explain how henderson is able to escape a secure location, he is near death yet able to leave CTU no problem. I have to assume how quickly people move around Los Angeles, the city is only 12 Sq blocks and all personel live near CTU. Another explaination is that Zaphon Cochrane of Star Trek has all the vehicles installed with Warp drives. I find amazing that they never take a copy of important evidence. Wouldnt surprise me if they carry this on for another 24 shows.

If you watch all 24 shows, do you really beleive all this can happen in a day?
I am running out of peanuts and popcorn to throw at the TV.

Redconvt said...

cool blog. I also watch each and every episode. Check out my 2nd annual list of innocent victims on 24 this year