Monday, February 26, 2007

24 Season 6: Episode 11 Recap
(Hours 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

We're back and it's nearly the end of a long work day for the residents of Los Angeles. Hopefully everyone doesn't leave work at the same time, that could really hamper driving around in LA. Not that Jack and CTU has ever had to deal with that, but, there's a first for everything. Speaking of firsts, we finally saw someone using the restroom in 24. Thanks writing staff, it's about time.

24's Obsession with Phones
Ever since day one and hearing that all-too-familiar CTU phone ring, 24 has had a strange obsession with phones. From video phones to having the ability to talk/hear on a cell phone while riding in a helicopter, the viewers are treated to, what must be, the best phones technology has to offer.

Last week, Jack was given a phone number to call from Daddy Bauer. That phone number was 310-597-3781 and Grizzly Adams Logan was on the receiving end. This week, Chloe called Morris' sponsor (who was listed in his treo as "AA Sponsor," and whose phone number hadn't changed in three years) and left a message to call her back. The number Chloe gave her? 310-597-3781. Is Chloe shacking up with Grizzly Logan? No, it's a real phone number that fans can call.

The sad thing, besides using the same damn number two weeks in a row with different people, is that the number has been used a number of times on the show. According to 24's Wikipedia entry, these are the places the phone number has been spotted:

  • Debbie's cell phone displays the number after she is killed in Day 4.
  • Jack Bauer gives the number during the recovery of the Air Force One "Football" where he told his cell phone number to two civilian campers.
  • In Day 5, it was shown in the 18th episode ("12:00 AM - 1:00 AM") as Martha Logan's cell phone number.
  • Spotted on the back of a picture of Edgar and Chloe during the season finale of the Day 5.
  • In Day 6, it was shown in the fourth episode ("9:00 AM - 10:00 AM") as a cell phone number on Assad's cell phone.
  • In the sixth episode of Day 6, an FBI agent gives the number as Chloe's direct line at CTU.
  • In Day 6, in episode 10 ("3:00 PM - 4:00 PM"), it is given as Charles Logan's cell phone number.

Are you kidding me? It's been used for three different people this season? Why not just get three different phone lines and give out different messages? Sigh.

Shhhh! Don't Ask What That Is!
I've complained several times of the writers trying to speak over the viewers with techno-babble garbage or just thinking that we won't question things. This week, they tried even harder.

  • There's one working land line at Gredenko's house and Morris is checking on the router to see if there was any recent activity. Unfortunately, the baddies were using inverters to stack their coils, and he just can't get any record out of it.
  • Morris then couldn't uplink the tracking vectors to the home land sub-net, they just won't go through. Stupid Morris, all he had to do was check his SIP adapter. He specified the wrong slot assignments. Duh!
  • For those of you keeping score, Morris is still the "lead on decoding diplomatic communications leaving the consolate." That's a resume builder.
  • What pipes was Fish trying to turn up? Were they steam pipes? No, wait, they must have been electricity pipes, seeing that they were in the High Voltage room. Right?

Formulas to Writing 24
Write your very own 24-style script with one of these tried-and-true formulas:

  1. Never-ending Trail – Never reveal how to get the bad guy straight up. Instead, just insert another name in the trail. For example, just this week we learned that the key to finding Fayed was finding Gredenko. The key to finding Gredenko was finding Markov. The key to finding Markov is using Grizzly Logan. So-on, and so-on.
  2. Replace Your Leader – Nothing creates conflict more than replacing the man in charge. Whether it's the head of CTU, a cabinet member, the guy with the nukes, or the President. If you can use dialogue to explain that you're trying to save your country by doing so, that's even better.
  3. Always Leave a Loophole – If you need to expand the story, just make something up that sounds possible. Confused? How about an ex-President under house arrest, but the public doesn't know that he aided the assassination of a former President, or that he aided terrorists? Need more? Okay, maybe the same guy didn't turn in one key figure, in said assassination, because he had the foresight that in 20 months, he may need to leverage that knowledge. Perfect.

Random Complaints

  • Is anyone upset that Chloe isn't acting like her bitchy self this season?
  • Why on Earth is Marilyn and Josh just waiting out in broad daylight with no help around them? And why isn't Marilyn freaked out when she sees Jack? Wasn't he trading his life for Josh's just 10 minutes ago?
  • While waiting for Grizzly Logan, where in the hell did Jack get a suit to change into?
  • Bill needs Chloe to clear a corridor for Jack and Grizzly Logan to drive down. Why not just take the helicopter?
  • Did there really need to be a three digit code to set the bomb off?

Wow, one more week and we're half-way through the season. But next week it appears that Jack didn't learn any lessons from 20 months ago... he'll be back to breaking into foreign consulates and torturing people.


Will said...


I think the three digit code was some kind of inside joke. It was 624, this being the sixth season of 24.

So clever.

Seth Gunderson said...

D'oh! You're so right! How clever they are.

Anonymous said...

My rant on 24 seasons 6.

A nuclear bomb goes off in LA and people are panicking in the streets?

Where are all of the people running around with fear? All of the freeways would be packed with people fleeing.

CTU can get to anywhere in LA in 10 minutes on a day like this, yeah right.

When Morris goes into the store to buy some Maddog 2020 and all the clerk says is "some day, huh?” please.

And the VP plots to kill the president because he disagrees with his policy? Are you kidding me?

Audrey must be taking a sick day.

The realism is gone this season unlike last season. All they need to now is add Steven Seagal this season.

Martin said...

I loved the set design ;)

The whole CTU is styled in a grizzly concrete grey, but the one room that staff should spend the least time in - the bathroom - has a comfy, clean, well-lit white atmosphere.

Yeah, sure...

Anonymous said...

The VP is not plotting to kill the president, or even aware of the plot. (Well, I guess he is now that the bomb's gone off.) Besides, when they removed David Palmer from office in a non-fatal way, he came back.

24 fan sometimes said...

Has CTU actually been to la because, non-stop the freeways and interstates are flooded in traffic.With valencia, its about 50 miles away but no good ol' jack can get there in 5 minutes at 40mph

Anonymous said...

Haha I live in LA and all these commments are so spot on. I still love 24, however I agree that since season 3, the show has definitely gone downhill.

Anonymous said...

I still love 24. If I hear again about how inaccurate 24 is with the driving distance to different places in the L.A. area I think I am gonna move to a China prison camp.
Show me one TV show that is 100% accurate. Remember a show by the name of Star Trek?

Billwinkle said...

this is all so very entertaining. i am reviewing all 6 seasons, plus the 2 aft-movies, watchin 6 now. i decided to goog the 310 number, knowing it was a plant. I am not sure which is more fun !!: reading these hysterical comments as people become puppets(i can see the writers and producers rollin on the floor), or watching and listening for the intentional, and unintentional gaffs on the show. Do you REALLY REALLY think they didn't know what they were doin ? These are people creating a show, knowing full well what they are doin!!! Mistakes and triumphs, many think it is the best thing that ever hit TeeWee. It sure gave Kiefer a boost, and introduced us to some average actors that managed to create some very indearing charac- ters.
The evidence is speaking loud and clear beyond its orig. airing as i watch the series for the 4th time. I can't name a show i have ever done that with.
So, my fellow Americans, thank you, and again , i say thank you for being such good sports. It is a true hoot. I am laughin myself silly, but not at you, with you.