Thursday, February 15, 2007

No More Torture? Now What?

There's been quite a bit of talk in the past week about people being all up in arms over 24's constant torturing. When you consider GM and VW pulling commercials depicting suicide and Snickers pulling a commercial because of homophobic tendencies, it's not surprising that someone has finally spoken up about the numerous tortures Jack Bauer has dished out. In response, 24 will cut back on torture scenes. Or is it NOT in response?

According to Howard Gordon, Executive Producer of 24: The decision to cut back on torture is driven by creativity, not criticism.

Creativity? Really? Because you ran out of ways to torture someone, you're going to cut back? How about a garbage bag? Maybe a drill? Oh wait, you've already done that. And it's a smart move to just cut back, because people LOVE torture scenes.

One question though, since torture was such an integral part of the show, how exactly will Jack get information out of his captives? Either the baddies are going to become weaker, or, GASP, maybe the show will become more intelligent. Bah.

Check this other little tidbit out...

The final eight to 10 episodes this season will include fewer torture scenes, Gordon says, adding that 16 of the 24 ordered segments have been shot.

There was supposed to be 24 torture scenes in the last 8-10 episodes? Are you kidding me? Writers, I beg you, write more intriguing television and stop relying on shock value.


Martin said...

"Segments" refers to the parts of a series. A Series of 24 has, well, 24 episodes. So basically he said, that the majority of the show is already in the can, and in post-production.

Seth Gunderson said...

If that's the case, do we really need one torture scene per episode? Or do the writers need to figure out a better way to tell the story?

Martin said...

I totally dislike the torture scenes as well - but then I see them as a criticism (or maybe just realistic depiction) of how US realpolitik works these days. Just as in showing a very weak president.
But lets not get political. Simply said, there is way too much torture going on in the world - and maybe in that way 24 is very honest?

On a general note, this is the first season where I am not totally itching to see the next episode. I see them more out of custom than of utter excitement. I guess that is the popcorn factor. (I remember seeing season 2 and being surprized to see the Character of Jack Bauer re-appear. I had secretly wished that they would have gone with a totally different setting, in a totally different environment, but with the same idea of one single day in 24 episodes.)