Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Clarification Points

In the few years that this blog has existed, it's started to garner more and more attention. Most of that, however, is negative – mainly in the form of hate mail or hate comments. It's sad that people have to resort to name-calling and belittling because I post my opinion.

Anyway, I thought now would be a good time to make some clarifications about why I run this blog. To the dismay of many that write in, I have never once stated that I hate 24. Never. It would be pointless (as many point out) to spend as much time on the show, as I do, if I hated it. I could go on and say that big fans of 24 coming to a site that's called "Why 24 Sucks" and leaving lude comments is pot-calling the kettle black. But I digress.

As I've said in the past, I've watched 24 since minute one on day one. The show is exciting and fun. Rather, I think it was more so in Season One. Since then, with more and more people watching each year, I think the show has began to slide down the slippery slope of jumping the shark. I really think with more viewers comes this notion of having to dumb 24 down – we're being told the plot, we're not really experiencing it.

The acting, while a touch better this season than in seasons past, has never been that great. The writing, while exciting, is more popcorn movie than it is thought-provoking. Enough, I say, with the attempts to sound intelligent with all the techno-jargon. Write compelling story lines and I'll be happier.

So do I think that 24 is based in reality? No, not 100% reality. But if we're talking about our country and attempts to stifle terrorism, then I think it needs to be a bit more realistic.

I'd really like to see a season of 24 take place somewhere other than LA, or the US. Imagine an entire season of Jack breaking out of the Chinese prison, wouldn't that be fun?

I've never said that I hate the show. I don't. But I want it to be better, I know it can be better. Enjoy the rest of the season.


Martin (really last post for today.) said...

I think that the title of your blog gives room for misunderstandings. For me if something sucks, that it is really crap. And I would not bother watching it.
From reading your past blogs I think that you are just disappointed at the turn the series has taken of late.
Maybe you should just have a little clarifying line, something like:

"Why 24 sucks. A blog about the things I don't like about 24."

(Just less cheesy.)

My twin brother said...

Why 24 sucks - a blog dissecting why 24 is on the verge of sucking

Why 24 sucks - a blog trying to rescue 24 from the suck

Why 24 sucks. It used to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Your blog rocks! My buddy got me watching 24 because it was so "awesome" and now he hates me because I have so much fun picking holes in it the entire time. It sucks and its fun to watch because it sucks so hard!

Anonymous said...

The question is...doesn't anyone think in no freaking way, even if you suspend all reason, that all this could happen 24 freaking hours?