Sunday, February 04, 2007

24 Season 6: Episode 6 Recap
(Hours 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

It's now around lunch time in LA, but no one is hungry since a nuke has recently gone off. Or they shouldn't be. They should be more concerned with finding the other four nukes that are still out there. Our hero, Jack, never loses sight of that... he'll go through great depths to ensure that, too.

Brotherly Love
We've finally figured out that it's Graem Bauer (pronounced Graham, not Gray, even though Jack still calls him that). Shoosh, that was confusing. Well after being suffocated for around 7 minutes, we learn that there is... wait for it... another bad guy (Darren McCarthy). So here's what happened... McCarthy was hired to handle the nukes and supposedly sold them to Fayed. And just as Jack beat it into our heads, don't we all wonder why Daddy and Graem didn't call the authorities? Well they thought they could do it faster, since they assumed they would just happen to run into McCarthy at his office. Riiiiiight.

THEY'RE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! McCarthy won't be at his office. McCarthy won't have stuff on his computer. Call the authorities and be done with it.

After storming the office and finding zero information (shocker #1), Graem turns back into Bluetooth Man and betrays Jack and Daddy (shocker #2). Then it's shown that the two unnamed back-up CTU field agents were killed (shocker #3). And if all that wasn't enough, Jack has once again been detained as a captive (hello super over-used plot twist).

If it's any consolation, Graem is a good baddie – fans loved to hate him on ER.

How Government Works
After fight number 52 between Fish and Karen, I think we've finally been told how things get done in Washington... do it my way or I pull skeletons out of your closet. Classy. Couldn't Karen just tell Brother Palmer that she's being blackmailed? I think that's kinda illegal, right? Ah well, she'll be heading back to CTU, thank God.

Speaking of CTU
It's a good thing that Karen will be coming back. Not only do we know that they're low on man-power, but now with the new internal security mandate, "anyone identified with a middle eastern background is required to put a redundancy layer on all their logins." Which, according to Bill, means that Nadia has to work twice as hard to get through all of the security measures... what does that mean? Does she have to enter her user name and password twice? Does she have to do each task two times? Why not just replace her with someone NOT from the middle east? Nah, that's too easy. Just let Miles break protocol (and the law) and log her in with his user name and password.

We didn't see a lot of Fayed in this episode, maybe the creators of 24 didn't know how to find him. Luckily, CTU does... apparently, to run away from the GIANT NUKE CLOUD, people will need to have technology in the "on" position (you know, to monitor fall out). Then all CTU will have to do is use radio frequency satellites to see what they can come up with. Sadly, in one hour, they couldn't find anything. Which is weird, since Fayed used his cell phone again... yes, the same cell phone that they were able to track earlier this season.

The Walid that Shagged Sister Palmer
The writers of 24 are good at coming up with silly story lines (see Kim vs. the mountain lion), and the idea of having Walid as a spy is right up there. But in this episode, Walid takes it up a notch... he swipes a cell phone that was somehow smuggled into the detention camp. Yes, smuggled – I love how incompetent our government and military is made to appear.

After he got the phone all he had to do was call CTU. If you at home would like to call, just dial 310.597.3781. But be forewarned... if you call that number and then hit the star button twice, then CTU can access all of your phone's records. Yes, even the cache of your phone's web browser. Be careful.

It turns out that Walid has been a spy for nothing. These captured "informants" have been getting their information from a web site... that wasn't public... but wasn't password-protected because these pages come and go... but a LOT of people know about them (maybe they're subscribed to some RSS feed). Doesn't the government scour the web for stuff like that?

Overall, it was a very uneventful episode. But next week we get to see Jack re-escape, again, and finally we get to see Powers Boothe come into the picture. He's great on Deadwood, hopefully that translates to 24. Ha!

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