Wednesday, April 04, 2007

24 Season 6: Episode 16 Recap
(Hour 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

WARNING: The following post may, and probably will, contain spoilers.

Last week we saw the miraculous recovery of Brother Palmer. By what I've been reading across the internet, apparently that got a lot of people actually starting to question 24. It took a near-dead President hopping out of a coma to do that? Come on... 24 has been bad all season, it's just that no-one wants to admit that an Emmy-winning program could be this bad. Sadly, it is.

Brother Palmer, Strong Like Bull
We start off recapping what happened last week. Once second Brother Palmer was sucking wind in a doctor-induced coma. The next, he was barking orders into a cell phone while talking to a submarine -- great reception from the bunker and half-way around the world, eh? Anyway, Brother Palmer can't look weak, so that means no wheelchair. Instead, how about a shot of adrenaline? Careful, that'll raise your blood pressure.

Brother Palmer strolls into, what I think would be, the situation room looking all suave and well-manicured. You know what everyone was thinking, "wasn't he just in a coma?" Yes, he was, but he's Brother Palmer, dude's a pimp. Evil Veep isn't impressed, though, so he invokes the 25th Amendment and tries to replace him -- which puts the onus on the President's cabinet to decide.

The Palmer family is strong and united, which is the only reason why I can think that Sister Palmer is STILL in the bunker AND inside the situation room. Then it's voting time. Karen votes for Brother Palmer. WAIT, since when is the National Security Advisor on the cabinet? Oh, who cares. Evil Veep says that Karen's vote doesn't matter and implores the Attorney General to wake up all the old people on the Supreme Court at 12:20 am.

Karen is distraught, so she calls Bill and tells him that she could be the one that costs Brother Palmer the Presidency. He calms her down and says the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Brother Palmer -- which is weird since Karen never told Bill it was going to the Supreme Court for a decision. Oh, who cares. Meanwhile, Sister Palmer is hard at work on the case... since, uh, the President's normal staff of lawyers are no where to be found on a day like this... especially when the 25th Amendment has been invoked.

Invasion Chick tells Evil Veep that she'll commit a felony to help him win. Then Fish breaks in and shows Evil Veep how resourceful he is by uncovering the bug he planted in the room. Where did he get that and when did he plant it? Oh, who cares. So Evil Veep gets mad and withdrawals his appeal by calling the Supreme Court... does anyone know what their number is?

Sister Palmer tells Brother the news and he celebrates by ordering another adrenaline shot. Then he turns into this weird heavy-breathing maniac and launches the submarine missile without any of his cabinet in the room.

Nadia and Milo, Young Love
Remember when Nadia and Milo kissed last week? Remember when you didn't care? Yeah, me too, good times. This week, just 15 minutes later, they're still trying to figure out HOW they're going to make it through the rest of the day without ripping each other's clothes off. It must be hard to concentrate on FINDING ROGUE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Silver Spoon calls Nadia to his office and blackmails her into getting something off of Milo's computer -- proving that he screwed up, which allowed the terrorists to hack into CTU (super secure facility, btw). If she doesn't comply, he'll call security and they'll just go through the computer and haul him off -- which wouldn't be good, because Silver Spoon REALLY wants to find the nukes and Milo can help.

Nadia tricks Milo into fixing her computer while she finds the security hole in seven seconds flat... say, remember back in the other seasons of 24 when Chloe could do almost anything from her computer, even when it was accessing someone else's computer? Man, those were the days. Then Silver Spoon breaks protocol and alters the logs in two seconds -- since the password didn't change. Milo's off the hook! Hooray!

The Odd (Terrorist) Couple
Fayed and Gredenko are allies... that hate each other. But they need each other, so it's a love-hate thing. Gredenko has the information that can help Fayed harm half of California -- would that be the location of the San Andreas fault? They're going to blow California in two!?! Oh, no, sorry.

Last week Gredenko was caught and this week he's going to help Jack get Fayed. Ryan (who?) outfit Gredenko with an extremely old school, and easily removed, audio transmitter and injects him with a traceable isotope. Ryan makes sure to completely foreshadow a re-used idea from Prison Break by explaining that the isotope is injected into the marrow and is traceable up to 15 miles.

Fayed wants to meet Gredenko in secret on some pier where no one is currently at. Gredenko finds a cleverly hidden cellphone when it rings and Morris tracks it lickity-split -- where was he with such skills earlier this season? Oh, who cares. Gredenko walks and finds Fayed, then stops. Jack gets suspicious and moves in alone. Why has Gredenko stopped moving? Because he cut off his arm, silly!

The odd couple then ducks into a pretty packed bar and start a bar fight. Fayed gets captured and Gredenko supposedly dies under the pier. I don't believe it, the writers wouldn't have shown us the missing arm if they were just going to kill him off.

So there you have it. Another dumb hour of 24. But we're officially 2/3rds done with the season. Can't wait to see Jack get shot, but still be okay, next week.


Anonymous said...

Is it even possible to meassure the stupidity of the writers? The Karen voting thig is just funny and ridiculous.

Seth Gunderson said...

Maybe we should have our own cabinet vote. And by cabinet, I mean anyone.

modifoo said...

Supreme court's phone number is, naturally, 310-597-3781

This really was one crappy episode. Why oh why would Bauer walk visibly after Gredenko - that should certainly scare any higher-level terrorist off.

The president has just come out of a coma, but he has to ring before his doctor (and only one) comes.

The only old-school 24 moment was when Gredenko just died. (Fingers crossed).

Anonymous said...

erm Fish is not Fish he played a different character on Ally MacBeal
don't recall the name though...but Fish was a pimply pock faced dude skinny blonde on Ally

Carlos VillaseƱor said...

This is the episode where 24 went from bad to loosing all their nuts, not a single storyline remotely believable, the worst part is Gredenko who said was not a martir and who has been given immunity and just decides to loose his arm just to give up on Fayed less than 3 minutes later tu run and be free because...?

Carlos VillaseƱor said...

This is the episode where 24 went from bad to loosing all their nuts, not a single storyline remotely believable, the worst part is Gredenko who said was not a martir and who has been given immunity and just decides to loose his arm just to give up on Fayed less than 3 minutes later tu run and be free because...?