Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Salon.com Disses 24 Season Six

I keep on preaching it, gang, but 24 isn't on an upward trend. The show is becoming stupider and stupider as we go along. Coming to the foray this time is Salon.com with their article entitled, "The Longest Day Ever."

Jack bags the bad guys and the bombs early, leaving a few extra hours to sacrifice national security for his lady love. Quick, somebody turn back the clock!

I couldn't agree more. I just hope the writers are taking note.


Buccaneer_9 said...

I actually just got around to watching this week's episode where Jack makes the deal with the Chinese. It was at the point where Jack agreed to steal the components, that I deleted that episode along with the Season Pass for 24 from my TiVo. That show has jumped the shark a few times, but that was the last straw. 24 sucks and it is oficially dead to me...

ivan said...

I love it when somebody acknowledges that 24 sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Bucko, you realize that the component (there's only 1 by the way) isn't really supposed to be hand devlivered to the Chinese, right?

Anonymous said...

I thought season four sucked but compared to season six it's actually okay!!!

Season Five restored my faith to a degree as i thought it was a brave route to take with Logan etc and enjoyed it

Season Six started so well but they obviously didn't have a clue where to take it and it has ended up a huge mess of dead end plots, lifeless characters and crappy long winded dialogue and not enough action!!!

I think the writers should stop there ridiculous policy of writing the seasons on the fly.

You don't write a book with only a beginning in mind and then make up the middle and the end.

Sure make changes to the plot along the way if needed, but nothing major cause they must have changed direction about 100 times this season!!!

Also, I've heard the rumors about how the season ends.Lets just say they better make sure it's water tight plausible.