Monday, April 23, 2007

Episode 19 Predictions/Running Commentary

Anyone have any guesses of what will truly be outrageous tonight? Also, if you want to post comments about episode 19 for me to include in my recap, do it here.


bryan h. said...

So right now Karen Hayes is firing her husband. I've never heard that the National Security Adviser has the power to hire and fire the heads of intelligence agencies, but that's a minor point here.

The bigger question is this: what kind of pussies are in this palmer administration? Can you imagine anyone in an actual presidential administration volunteering to fire people before the public even knows about the "scandal"? Hell, the Bush administration fires people long after the scandal breaks, if at all.

Jonk said...
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Jonk said...

It is about time there was an attack on CTU.

It is one of the few recycled plotline that has not been used so far this season. In no particular order:

Evil versus Good in a family
Rogue Jack
Assassination attempt on a President
Attempted coup to overthrow the President
Suspected mole at CTU L.A.
Obligatory removal of the head of CTU L.A.
Nuclear bomb
Nuclear bomb detonated
Bezerker Jack
Injured Jack still thriving
Chloe helping Jack when she shouldn't
Stupid love triangle
Interrogating innocent person
Someone Jack loves in mortal peril
Someone with authority screwing with Jack's plan

The obligatory attack on CTU seems to be pretty much all that is missing on this day. Is there something I'm forgetting?

ivan said...

yes, Kim doing stupid stuff (God I hope she doesn't show up!)