Wednesday, April 25, 2007

24 Season 6: Five Hours To Go

Okay gang, here we are. We're nearly done with this horrendous season and only have five more hours to go. We know just how ridiculous this season has been, after what some say was a strong start (I disagree, but whatever). I want to know what you think will happen before they close out the season. Here are some thoughts:

  • We never really get closure on the Denver story. And if we do, it's pretty lame. Say, where did that blackmailing agent ever disappear to anyway?
  • Chloe and Morris hook back up and get wasted on the job.
  • Nadia turns out to be the mole after all. No one cares. Then she and Milo break up.
  • Defense Secretary (or former Defense Secretary) Heller shows up for an episode, or two – if someone's full name is mentioned on the show, they usually show up.
  • Audrey calls everyone Jack and then goes berzerk when they offer her chinese food to eat.
  • Jack bites Chang to death. Then, soon after, collapses from exhaustion, finally.
  • Evil Veep and Invasion Chick have a baby in the next three hours, name it Brother Palmer for all the crap he's gone through.
  • Bill and Karen go through couples' counseling and we finally figure out why Brother Palmer hired Karen after she was such a Grizzly Logan loyalist.
  • Since he couldn't turn Jack, Daddy Palmer finally gets Kim involved. They come up with a plan for Kim to date/marry an even bigger idiot than from last season. Jack goes haywire, bites Kim to death and collapses from exhaustion.
  • Graem's wife and kid are still somewhere inside CTU, having been forgotten.
  • Fox fires all of its writers, claiming "we can write this shit ourselves... and have been. Emmys be damned!"

Let's hear your thoughts.

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ivan said...

"Graem's wife and kid are still somewhere inside CTU, having been forgotten."

Yes, oh that is so true. I wonder what all these forgotten characters do. Phillip, the guy who blackmailed Silver Spoon, Fish's assistant, Sandra and Walid... this season is full of useless characters.